How to Choose the Right Blonde Hair Colour

Top 20 Blonde Hair Colours for Every Skin Tone

You’ve heard that blondes have more fun, right? Well, if we look beyond this expression, we can see why blonde hair colours are coveted the world over. From adding subtle highlights, to completely transforming you into a platinum queen, blonde hair dye has to be one of the most versatile colours to apply to your strands!

If you’ve been thinking about changing your look, but unsure if going blonde will suit your skin tone or undertones, don’t worry – there are a plethora of different shades available that will complement light, medium and dark skin, as well as those blonde hair colours that are suitable for all skin types.

Before you visit the salon or DIY dye your hair at home, give Modiface, our virtual try-on tool, a whirl to find a gorgeous new shade of blonde hair that complements your skin tone.

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Everything you need to know about Blonde Hair Colours

Before the transformation begins, enlighten yourself with these facts before you lighten your hair.

Depending on your baseline hair colour, it may take a few rounds of lightening and dyeing to achieve your desired blonde hair colour. For example, if you have dark brown or even black hair, and you have your sights on ash blonde hair colour, you may need anywhere from 3-8 treatments to complete this. If this is the case, visiting a professional hairdresser and colourist will probably be the best option if you want healthy hair colour at the end of the lightening process.

So, yes – patience is key here! All good things come with time and this is especially true when it comes to successful transformations to blonde hair colour.

However, if your hair is already a lighter shade, you may get away with bleaching your hair at home, and you’ll be just as satisfied with your golden transformation! Below, we’ve created a list of some of the most popular shades of blonde hair and details about how you can get these looks.

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Blonde Hair Colours for Light Skin Tones

There are many shades of blonde for light skin tones, here are our favourites:
1. Extreme Platinum Blonde
When it comes to platinum hair colour, go straight to the end of the platinum spectrum to achieve a look that’s icier than the world’s largest glaciers. This will look especially fine if you have green or blue eyes to really make the colour pop.
Get the look: Preference 9L Ultra Platinum Permanent Hair Colour

2. Luminescent Blonde
Feeling bold? This luminescent, light blonde hair colour will turn heads wherever you go.
Get the look: Preference Permanent Hair Colour - 9.1 Oslo

3. Ultra Light Blonde
The coolest light blonde before we enter platinum blonde hair colour territory.
Get the look: Preference Permanent Hair Colour - 11.21 Moscow

4. Pearl Blonde
The most striking blonde hair colours are commonly found on fair-skinned, blue-eyed Norwegians. But you don’t have to be from Scandinavia to look gorgeous with angelic blonde hair, iridescent like a pearl!
Get the look: Casting Crème Gloss Semi-Permanent Hair Colour - 1021 Very Light Pearl Blonde

5. Ash Blonde
If you’re not ready to go full platinum just yet, take a step back with ash blonde hair colour and add a little bit of sunshine to pale skin tones.
Get the look: Excellence Crème Permanent Hair Colour - 8.1 Ash Blonde

6. Light Blonde
Paler blonde hues, rejoice! Light blonde hair colour is one of the safest and most dependable entry points into lighter blonde tones, creating just enough contrast with pale skin.
Get the look: Excellence Crème Permanent Hair Colour - 9 Light Blonde

7. Very Light Natural Blonde 
Were you destined to live life as a blonde? If you want to convince everyone that you’re all-natural, why not go for a more minimalist natural blonde colour with lighter undertones? (Your secret is safe with us!)
Get the look: Excellence Crème Permanent Hair Colour - 01 Very Light Natural Blonde

8. Golden Blonde
Golden blonde is the perfect blend of butter and honey, leaving everyone who opts for this golden hair colour looking sun-kissed and vibrant! Need we say more?
Get the look: Excellence Crème Permanent Hair Colour - 8.3 Golden Blonde

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Blonde Hair Colours for Medium Skin Tones

Medium skin tones were born to pair with blonde hair colour.

9. Dark Ash Blonde

To add some distinction to your locks, you should definitely give dark ash blonde hair colour a try. The hue contrasts perfectly against warm, medium skin tones because it’s grounded in cool undertones.

Get the look: Excellence Crème Permanent Hair Colour - 7.1 Dark Ash Blonde

10. Strawberry Blonde
Rose gold hues are hugely popular in the beauty industry and have been trending for years in hair and makeup. It’s the reason hair colours like Strawberry Blonde are so highly coveted and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

11. Ombré
Hair colouring technique, ombré, creates some of the most versatile blonde hair colours because it looks simply stunning paired with your natural base colour. For those with warmer, medium skin tones, an ombré with golden highlights on selected strands will be a match made in heaven.

12. Dark Ash Blonde

Ash hair colour will forever be a staple in the blonde bombshell play book. So, why not experiment and turn it up a notch with Dark Ash Blonde? There really isn’t a more dreamy combination when you have a medium skin tone.

Get the look: Excellence Crème Permanent Hair Colour - 7.1 Dark Ash Blonde

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Blonde Hair Colours for Dark Skin Tones

Rocking blonde hair colour is definitely achievable when you have a darker skin tone – take a look and find your match below!
13. Dark Rose Gold

You already know we love rose blonde hair, so it should come to no surprise why we’re obsessed with this slightly darker take on a classic. It’s still blonde, but the warm rosy undertones will ideally complement darker skin tones.
Get the look: Preference Permanent Hair Colour - 7.23  Bali (Dark Rose Gold)

14. Copper Blonde Hair

Adding a metallic, copper tint to your superstar blonde locks will see you glittering under the sun and fluorescent lighting in no time (no wonder why we love it).
Get the look: This look is best created by a trained professional, so we recommend booking in an appointment with your hairdresser.

15. Very Deep Rose Gold
Yes, you better believe it – you really can dial up the intensity of an existing dark rose gold hair colour. This blonde hair colour seriously needs royal status.
Get the look: Preference Permanent Hair Colour - 5.23 Rio (Very Deep Rose Gold)

16. Dark Blonde
Really bring your facial features to life by increasing the depth to a hair colour we know and love – Blonde! Any shade of dark blonde is perfectly suitable for those with darker skin.
Get the look: Casting Crème Gloss Semi-Permanent Hair Colour - 700 Dark Blonde

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Blonde Hair Colours for All Skin Tones

We kid you not, there are blonde hair colours that suit everyone! It really is the ultimate colour.
17. Medium Blonde
Not too dark, not too light, this blonde hair colour is just right, and what’s better? It will seamlessly complement light, medium and dark skin tones.
Get the look: Excellence Crème Permanent Hair Colour - 8 Blonde

18. Champagne Blonde
Everyone’s favourite bubbly bestie has even inspired our hair. This colour features cool tones that just about flatters everyone.
Get the look: If you have a warmer skin tone and want to rock Champagne Blonde, ask your hairdresser to add warm highlights to this blonde hair colour.

19. Nude Blonde
This trending hair colour is all about striking a perfect balance between warm and cool tones that uniquely matches every skin.

Get the look: Because this is a bespoke hair dyeing job, you’ll need to give your hairdresser a call to book in for your colour application to really nail this look.

20. Cream Blonde
A gorgeous colour that’s a magical mixture of platinum and creamy yellow highlights on a medium blonde hair dye base.
Get the look: Because this requires some serious colour mix-mastery, you’ll be sliding into the DM’s of your hairdresser for their next available appointment.

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Caring for Your Colour-Treated Blonde Hair

After choosing your divine new blonde hair dye, you’ll want to commence with a coloured hair treatment system, complete with conditioner and a mask to extend the life of your new colour and step up the care of those blonde locks. 

Purple shampoo and related products will be a serious gamechanger too, because it neutralises those annoying brassy, yellow and orange tones that sometimes arise with blonde hair colours.
Want to change your look after rocking the blonde? Why not try black? Read this article for a list of the hottest black hues for 2021.

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