No matter where you go, if there’s a conversation about the best skincare ingredients – Retinol is sure to make the cut. In fact, retinol has quickly become one of the most hyped additions to skincare regime’s all around the world. Why? Well, when it comes to achieving skin rejuvenation and the anti-wrinkle effect, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better ‘hero’ than a quality retinol product.

Naturally present in living organisms and food, retinol is just Vitamin A, that has been created by chemical synthesis. What makes it so special is the extensive research that reinforces the role this product plays as an ant-aging superstar. Now, when it comes to shopping retinol, many different types exist in the market such as derivatives, complexes, and pure. Dermatologists recommend Pure Retinol over other counterparts, however, as it’s clinically proven to be the most effective anti-ageing ingredient.

So, how does it work? Well, rather than removing dead skin cells, the molecules that make-up retinol penetrate the deeper layers of the epidermis, stimulating cell regeneration. As the same time, retinol has an exfoliating effect that is known to improve the texture and tone of the skin’s surface.

The important thing to know when shopping all-things retinol, is that not all formulations are created equal. As an ingredient, pure retinol is known to degrade and lose potency when exposed to air and light, causing it to be less effective over time. Some products have even been known to lose concentration before opening the bottle. That’s why when looking for quality retinol you can’t go past L’Oréal Paris’ skincare range; utilising patent-pending RETINOL GUARD™ technology that protects your retinol, so it’s potent and effective from the first drop, to the last.

As retinol can be such a powerful ingredient, be sure to follow all guidelines – gradually introducing it into your evening routine. It should also be paired with a facial sunscreen or broad-spectrum SPF moisturiser as retinol sensitises your skin to UV Rays.
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