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Best Brows Tutorial Makeup Trends by Noni Smith Best Brows Tutorial Makeup Trends by Noni Smith
Best Brows Tutorial Makeup Trends by Noni Smith
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Best Brows Tutorial
Makeup Trends by Noni Smith

There’s no denying a strong brow game is essential to any look. And as anyone sporting sparse brows knows, relying on makeup to carefully define, fill and shape arches can be a real mission.

That’s where the NEW L’Oréal Paris Unbelieva’brow
brow gel comes in. The two-in-one tint and gel makes natural and voluminous brow dreams a reality, with 48-hour staying power to boot. The formula is smudge-proof, transfer-proof and waterproof. This means you can take yourself from a full day at work to a hot yoga class without a care in the world.

To best explain how to use this miracle brow product, L’Oréal Paris Makeup Director Noni Smith has a few handy application tips.

Unbelieva’brow Tip #1

Use the doe foot applicator to fill in sparse areas but remember - less is more. Swipe off excess product on the neck of the tube and use a light touch to ensure just the right amount of product is dispensed. If you’d like more control over the amount, dab the gel onto your hand and pick it up with the angled brush instead.

Unbelieva’brow Tip #2

Apply the brow gel in quick, small strokes using the angled brush to mimic the shape and texture of your brow hairs – this creates a more microbladed look. Otherwise, use the angled brush to simply define the shape and achieve cleaner lines.

Unbelieva’brow Tip #3

Don’t forget to brush! Use the spoolie to comb through your brows in a brisk, upward motion. This softens the finish and gives it a more natural look.

Unbelieva’brow Tip #4

Accidentally drew on a stray hair? Don’t stress – any marks can be easily remedied with a splash of micellar water or makeup remover.

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Meet Rachael Finch Botanicals Fresh Care Ambassador Meet Rachael Finch Botanicals Fresh Care Ambassador
Meet Rachael Finch Botanicals Fresh Care Ambassador
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Meet Rachael Finch
Botanicals Fresh Care Ambassador

There’s Becky with the good hair, then there’s Rachael Finch. The model, presenter and former Miss Universe Australia recently joined the L’Oreal Paris Botanicals family as its newest ambassador and it’s a no-brainer given her luscious locks and down-to-earth personality. We sat down with Rachael to chat about haircare tips, daily routines and life lessons.

What made you want to be a L’Oreal Paris Botanicals ambassador?
Being passionate about health and wellness makes you very conscious of not only what you are putting in your body, but what you put on it. I love L’Oreal’s commitment to using the purest and most ethically sourced ingredients in the Botanicals range. A lot of the hero essential oils that make up the range are ones I use in my day to day life already.

Why do you love the Botanicals range?
Aside from the superior ingredients, the Botanicals range is a well thought out product that ticks a lot of boxes for me with 98% natural origins, recycled packaging and it is vegan based. There is a product in the range that caters to every challenge my hair has from hydration to styling, also the fragrances are divine!

Which range is your favourite? (And why?)
I’m currently loving the Ginger & Coriander Strengthening 
range– I use this range to combat the constant strain on my hair due to my work schedule. The Ginger & Coriander strengthening potion is a wonderful leave-in treatment to help with daily styling. Just a few drops on the ends of wet hair does wonders.

What’s your go to product in the range?
My go-to is the Lavender Hydrating Therapy Mask
. Once a week there is nothing better than a relaxing bath, cup of lemongrass tea and a hair mask to help soothe and revive tired hair!

Do you have any tips and tricks for keeping your hair luscious and healthy all year round?
A huge part of healthy hair starts within, so every day I fill my body with nourishing food and I also take collagen regularly to improve my hair strength as well as my skin. I tailor treatments to my schedule as well as the season. In summer I find that the Rose & Geranium Radiance Remedy
 keeps my hair soft and looking shiny, especially post beach swims. In winter I love the Argan & Safflower Nourishing range for hydration. The Argan & Safflower Dry Hair Nourishing Potion is great for on the go.

What’s your morning routine?
I like to start the morning very much the same way every day - I truly believe it’s what sets us up for a successful day. Dom is my human alarm at 6am.. we have cuddles in bed then go downstairs to take Simba out for a walk. I use this time to breathe deeply, get fresh air in my lungs and take a moment to be thankful. I drink a big glass of water with fresh lemon followed by my collagen coffee then smoothie! I get the kids fed and dressed, then head upstairs for a relaxing shower!

What’s your favourite quote?
If we don’t make time for our wellness we will be forced to make time for our illness.

What’s your go-to snack?
Cookie dough protein balls from my program, Body by Finch. I make a big batch at the start of the week and even freeze some for a frozen treat!

What’s the best life lesson you’ve received?
Patience in life and having gratitude for my blessings. My kids and husband Misha teach me this every day.

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Dry Hair Care Top 5 ways To Use A Hair Oil Dry Hair Care Top 5 ways To Use A Hair Oil
Dry Hair Care Top 5 ways To Use A Hair Oil
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Hair Care

Dry Hair Care
Top 5 ways To Use A Hair Oil

Not sure how to handle hair oils? Don’t worry, we'll show you how to use them—even on fine hair.


Our tresses go through a lot on a daily basis— everything from hot water to straightening can leave hair feeling brittle and parched. Try using hair oil as a pre-shampoo prep. Moisturising the strands before washing will help it retain its natural oils. Just add an extra step of applying hair oil before you shower and follow with shampoo and conditioner as usual. We promise, you’ll see the difference.

When you have fine hair, it’s easy to tip over into heavy handed territory with styling products. Unfortunately, doing so weighs hair down and gives it an overly oily sheen. Instead of piling on the products, apply a coin-sized amount of hair oil onto dry ends, steering clear of your roots. This way, you can enjoy silky shine without the added weight.

It’s hard to get your at-home blowouts to match salon styled waves. While it may well be because the hairdryer is a finicky tool to master, there are other secret tricks of the trade to elevate your DIY look. The easiest hack is to add hair oil into the mix (and a heat protectant). Apply to damp hair and blow-dry with a round brush. Finish with a spritz of lightweight hair spray to lock in that smooth shine!

If you’re a victim of hat hair or the dreaded humid hair poof, you’re definitely not alone. Unruly hair plagues us all from time to time, but thankfully hair oil can help tame frizz and flyaways. Rub one to two pumps of hair oil between your palms, running it through the lengths of your hair. Once you only have a tiny amount left, smooth it over the top of your scalp – enough to keep any fine baby hairs in place but not so much that it looks greasy.

Although a trim is the only real solution for eliminating split ends (for now), you can still help protect your strands on a daily basis with a dash of hair oil. Incorporating it as part of your regular hair care routine could make all the difference in delaying your next visit to the salon. Put it on wet or dry hair—both work!


The L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Treatment is enriched with 6 precious flower oils, designed as an instant pick me up for parched hair.

The L'Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Coconut Hair Oil is formulated with fine coconut oil to provide weightless shine and nourishment.

The L'Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Extra Rich Treatment is a hair oil specifically designed for dry or damaged hair.


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