L'Oréal Paris proudly welcomes Mary Fowler as a New Brand Ambassador

L’Oréal Paris, the number one beauty brand in the world, is thrilled to welcome Matildas star, Mary Fowler, as a L’Oréal Paris Brand Ambassador.

Mary is a powerful, talented, and influential young woman who has captivated the country with her exceptionally skilled freethinking style of play, and her authenticity.

Meet Mary Fowler

Mary is an Australian professional soccer player born in Carins. She plays soccer for the Australian national team, Matilda's and globally overseas.

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“L’Oréal Paris is honoured to announce our partnership with Mary Fowler. What inspires us about Mary is not just her talents and career achievements; but also her poise in handling a meteoric rise at such a young age. Mary remains authentically herself, spreading her positive spirit and uplifting girls and women." 

- Nadia Adelina L’Oréal Paris ANZ Marketing Director.


Mary is the embodiment of everything Gen-Z girls and women stand for, proudly growing in her confidence and sense of self-worth, and inspiring others to do the same.

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“As a L’Oréal Paris Brand Ambassador I hope that I’ll be able to encourage Australian women to embrace themselves. I want people to feel comfortable in their own skin and have the confidence to express who they are in a genuine way.”

- Mary Fowler
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As part of her role with L’Oréal Paris, Mary will partner with the brand on Women’s Empowerment initiatives and campaigns featuring the latest new launches to hit Australia and New Zealand.

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Simply upload a photo of yourself or use the live try on feature for your desired hair colour or makeup product." } }, { "@type":"ListItem", "position": 2, "url" : "https://www.lorealparis.com.au/how-to-natural-makeup-look", "item":{ "@type": "Article", "mainEntityOfPage":{ "@type":"WebPage" }, "headline":"how to natural makeup look", "image":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"https://www.lorealparis.com.au/-/media/project/loreal/brand-sites/oap/apac/au/articles/2022/01-2022/natural-makeup-looks.jpg?rev=1a11f93c98994371857107dcb7ee75b2", "height":864, "width":1920 }, "datePublished": "2021-08-18T07:00:00+00:00", "dateModified": "2022-11-21T12:18:58+00:00", "author": { "@type": "Brand", "name": "L'Oréal Paris" }, "publisher":{ "@type":"Organization", "name":"L'Oréal Paris", "logo":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"https://www.lorealparis.com.au/-/media/project/loreal/brand-sites/oap/shared/baseline/navigationext/loreal-paris-black-logo.svg?rev=a43411e171da48ef888a91b0e2ef7b7c", "width":189, "height":60 } }, "description":"The no makeup makeup look has remained a consistent trend. When executed correctly, natural makeup techniques can make you look <a href="https://www.lorealparis.com.au/face-makeup/wake-up-and-glow"><span style="color: #E32847;">glowing</span></a> without even trying. Despite its impressively effortless appearance, no makeup makeup can be deceptively tricky to achieve. When the goal is seamlessly blended layers of product, this look takes the right technique to nail it down. That’s why this guide exists! We’re here to explain exactly how to get the natural makeup look of your dreams, from your skincare routine to product recommendations and application advice. Keep reading for a natural makeup look tutorial from the L’Oréal Paris experts. You can also explore our <a href="https://www.lorealparis.com.au/experience-our-new-virtual-try-on-tool"><span style="color: #E32847;">virtual makeup try on</span></a> tool afterward to discover how the products will look like on you." } }, { "@type":"ListItem", "position": 3, "url" : "https://www.lorealparis.com.au/how-to-get-glass-skin", "item":{ "@type": "Article", "mainEntityOfPage":{ "@type":"WebPage" }, "headline":"How to Get Glass Skin", "image":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"https://www.lorealparis.com.au/-/media/project/loreal/brand-sites/oap/apac/au/articles/2024/01/lop-how-to-get-glass-skin-article.jpg?rev=9e471ea8b2234ebdbbe08efc1073a921", "height":1125, "width":2000 }, "datePublished": "2024-01-29T04:06:47+00:00", "dateModified": "2024-02-01T15:19:02+00:00", "author": { "@type": "Brand", "name": "L'Oréal Paris" }, "publisher":{ "@type":"Organization", "name":"L'Oréal Paris", "logo":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"https://www.lorealparis.com.au/-/media/project/loreal/brand-sites/oap/shared/baseline/navigationext/loreal-paris-black-logo.svg?rev=a43411e171da48ef888a91b0e2ef7b7c", "width":189, "height":60 } }, "description":"<p>It's the K-beauty inspired trend that's crystallised itself as the one to try. Today, all eyes are on glass skin, and for good reason! Thankfully, you don&rsquo;t have to follow a 10-step regimen to achieve the trending skincare look. By implementing small tweaks to your current skincare routine &ndash; hello <a href="https://www.lorealparis.com.au/hyaluronic-acid-in-all-its-glory">hyaluronic acid</a> &ndash; you will be well on your way to luminous-looking skin that your pores will be proud of. So, what is glass skin and how can you get it? Let&rsquo;s explore the skincare sensation in more detail.</p>" } }, { "@type":"ListItem", "position": 4, "url" : "https://www.lorealparis.com.au/how-to-prevent-hair-breakage", "item":{ "@type": "Article", "mainEntityOfPage":{ "@type":"WebPage" }, "headline":"How to Prevent Hair Breakage", "image":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"https://www.lorealparis.com.au/-/media/project/loreal/brand-sites/oap/apac/au/articles/2024/01/lop-how-to-prevent-hair-breakage-article.jpg?rev=9c8f2812948e4760946a34fb84e6bbeb", "height":1125, "width":2000 }, "datePublished": "2024-01-29T03:43:16+00:00", "dateModified": "2024-02-01T15:17:37+00:00", "author": { "@type": "Brand", "name": "L'Oréal Paris" }, "publisher":{ "@type":"Organization", "name":"L'Oréal Paris", "logo":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"https://www.lorealparis.com.au/-/media/project/loreal/brand-sites/oap/shared/baseline/navigationext/loreal-paris-black-logo.svg?rev=a43411e171da48ef888a91b0e2ef7b7c", "width":189, "height":60 } }, "description":"<p>When we asked the universe to give us a break, <em>literal hair breakage</em> wasn&rsquo;t exactly what we had in mind. While it&rsquo;s perfectly normal to lose around 50-100 hair strands a day, there are certain signs to watch that may indicate damaged hair. Don&rsquo;t stress, though, because if you&rsquo;re dealing with weak hair, split ends and hair breakage &ndash; help is on the way thanks to the L'Or&eacute;al Paris <a href="https://www.lorealparis.com.au/hair-care/elvive/bond-repair">Elvive Bond Repair</a> range. In this guide, we will cover how to prevent hair breakage, why it happens and the best ways to get your tresses looking salon worthy. Your mane will thank you.</p>" } }, { "@type":"ListItem", "position": 5, "url" : "https://www.lorealparis.com.au/vitamin-c", "item":{ "@type": "Article", "mainEntityOfPage":{ "@type":"WebPage" }, "headline":"Vitamin-c", "image":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"https://www.lorealparis.com.au/-/media/project/loreal/brand-sites/oap/apac/au/articles/2023/vitamin-c/banner.jpg?rev=4d0edbd79586456ab64187422bef7c65", "height":697, "width":1439 }, "datePublished": "2023-07-13T09:51:38+00:00", "dateModified": "2024-04-11T03:48:58+00:00", "author": { "@type": "Brand", "name": "L'Oréal Paris" }, "publisher":{ "@type":"Organization", "name":"L'Oréal Paris", "logo":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"https://www.lorealparis.com.au/-/media/project/loreal/brand-sites/oap/shared/baseline/navigationext/loreal-paris-black-logo.svg?rev=a43411e171da48ef888a91b0e2ef7b7c", "width":189, "height":60 } }, "description":"Unlock brightened complexions with Vitamin C skincare. An efficacious and supportive ingredient, Vitamin C protects skin against external stressors, promoting even skin tone and a radiant complexion. See how to use this superhero ingredient with our Vitamin C guide. " } }, { "@type":"ListItem", "position": 6, "url" : "https://www.lorealparis.com.au/how-to-layer-skincare-serums", "item":{ "@type": "Article", "mainEntityOfPage":{ "@type":"WebPage" }, "headline":"how-to-layer-skincare-serums", "image":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"https://www.lorealparis.com.au/-/media/project/loreal/brand-sites/oap/apac/au/articles/2023/how-to-layer-skincare-serums/serum-layering-article-banner.jpg?rev=5e45baab58514b47bbb2c331b010d488", "height":600, "width":2000 }, "datePublished": "2024-03-05T07:22:41+00:00", "dateModified": "2024-03-08T05:18:41+00:00", "author": { "@type": "Brand", "name": "L'Oréal Paris" }, "publisher":{ "@type":"Organization", "name":"L'Oréal Paris", "logo":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"https://www.lorealparis.com.au/-/media/project/loreal/brand-sites/oap/shared/baseline/navigationext/loreal-paris-black-logo.svg?rev=a43411e171da48ef888a91b0e2ef7b7c", "width":189, "height":60 } }, "description":"<div class="rich-text"> <h2>What is serum layering?</h2> <p>It&rsquo;s common practice to use one face serum in the morning and one at night, but have you ever wondered: &lsquo;can I combine serums in the same skincare routine?&rsquo; The short answer is yes &ndash; this is called serum layering, but it&rsquo;s not quite that straightforward. Serum layering is all about applying multiple serums, one after another, to target specific skin concerns. Understanding how different skincare ingredients work can be tricky, but it&rsquo;s important if you want to get the most out of your skincare products . Serums use ingredients to address specific skin concerns such as hydration, brightening, anti-ageing, or acne in different ways, so you need to know which serums will work for you and how to layer them. This includes which ingredients work well together, which ones don&rsquo;t, how many serums to use, and when to apply them. Read on to discover how to layer serums and acids and maximise the benefits of your serum routine. </p> </div>" } } ] } } { "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "BreadcrumbList", "itemListElement": [ { "@type":"ListItem", "position": 1, "item": { "@id": "/", "name": "Home" } } , { "@type":"ListItem", "position": 2, "item": { "@id": "https://www.lorealparis.com.au/mary-fowler-new-loreal-paris-ambassador", "name": "mary-fowler-new-loreal-paris-ambassador" } } ] }