Transforming Our Industry

Our Operations teams are leading a profound transformation throughout their value chains, addressing everything from the carbon impact of our suppliers and our own production sites to water and waste management, transport and logistics. It’s a huge challenge to transform our production into an ethically responsible system.

L'Oréal Paris operates in more than 20 factories around the world and is resolutely committed to a sustainable transformation of its production tools to offer consumers more responsible products, throughout its value chain. 


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World Map

L'Oréal Paris places a strong emphasis on developing local production as part of its sustainability efforts.

Energy and water consumption reduction is another key focus in L'Oréal Paris factories. All L’Oréal Groupe sites in Australia and New Zealand use 100% renewable energy. L'Oréal Paris has also implemented green energy solutions and self-production of energy in certain locations, such as Mexico and Belgium, to minimize ecological footprint. Collaborations with local authorities and external companies have also been established to access local green energy production.

In order to achieve its packaging reduction goals, L'Oréal Paris has made adaptations to its industrial facilities, engaged suppliers in finding solutions, and rethought packaging and transport processes.
As L'Oréal Paris constantly evolves its formulas to be more sustainable, it is essential that production tools are also adapted to ensure products that combine sustainability, quality, and safety.

L'Oréal Paris is committed to meeting ambitious sustainability targets while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. The brand offers more sustainable consumption choices that align with its identity. This requires constant innovation and the exploration of new production methods and solutions that can be shared and utilized by other brands and products within the industry.

By continuously reinventing itself, L'Oréal Paris strives to lead the way in sustainable beauty practices.

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