How to Hide Grey Hairs

As we get older finding pesky grey hairs become more and more common. One here, two there – it can often feel like we’re losing a constant battle. Although rocking silver locks has become the next thing in fashion, it’s not a trend for everyone. If you’re frustrated by those greys constantly popping up, our experts have simple and effective tricks to teach you how to cover grey hair. Get ready for seven hacks that will hide your greys and keep you looking fresh.

Conceal scattered greys with a magic touch up

For those who are just starting to get greys, slowly but surely, you need a product that will eliminate those singular hairs and blend them into your natural (or chosen) hair colour. Precision coverage is important when targeting just a few greys that are scattered throughout your hair. This is where a root touch-up pen will become your new best friend. 

Easy to use, even on the go, a root touch-up pen offers targeted application to help you seamlessly blend those errant grey hairs in seconds. Think of it as a concealer for your hair – cover up the spots you want to hide with the confidence that the long then simply wash away with shampoo.

The Magic Retouch Precision Root Touch Up has a unique precision brush that allows easy, smooth application on any hair type or texture. Simply twist the pen to dispense product, then lightly dab the brush onto dry hair using small strokes. Wait a minute for the product to dry, and you're good to go. Keep Magic Retouch Precision Root Touch Up in your bag for those grey hairs that seem to only pop up when you’re in new lighting! Small, and portable, it’s always ready for grey hair emergencies.

Cover grey regrowth with a touch up spray

Although we don’t like to admit it, sometimes life gets too busy and your roots get away from you. Even with an array of at home hair colour options to maintain your colour, finding the time is not always easy. Seemingly all of a sudden, there’s a good few weeks of regrowth on display letting everyone know you haven't had time to re-dye. For short term coverage on a larger surface area, reach for an effective root touch-up spray that will disguise grey hair and grey roots for as long as you need.

Spray L’Oréal Paris Magic Retouch Temporary Root Concealer Spray onto new growth and blend through the length of the hair to effectively hide grey roots. The quick and easy spray dries in a flash and doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue. The best part? Once you’ve sprayed the transfer proof formula will spray in place, and you’re all set until your next shampoo.

DIY hair dye time

When those first streaks of grey hair begin kicking in the first thought is to dye your hair – and you would be correct; often the most simple solutions are the most effective. With expert at home colouring kits covering grey hair can be cost effective and convenient, with professional results at home. Hide grey hair appearing in your brunette locks or blend it in for blondes by choosing a shade similar to your natural tone. If your first crop of grey hairs has you feeling like a change, choose a bold new colour.

L’Oréal Paris Excellence Creme Permanent Hair Colour provides 100% grey coverage and is the number one hair colour in Australia. Look no further to cover grey hair at home. With a range of shades to choose from, including rich browns, blondes, blacks, and reds, there’s a colour for you. The Excellence kit comes with a developer creme, hair colour, conditioner, and hair serum — everything you need to keep your grey hairs covered effortlessly at home. For an effortless application, follow our guide to dyeing hair at home.

Opt for permanent root coverage

If you dye your hair, after a solid month or so of regrowth it's time to consider a more permanent approach to the greys that keep on coming through with your roots. 

Instead of having to dye your whole head of head, opt for targeted root coverage with a permanent hair dye designed to cover grey hairs. Unlike a full application, most hair colour formulas can be applied for a partial application to only target regrowth. A quick and easy process, root colouring kits will refresh your colour and hide your greys without a trip to the salon.

Strategically placed highlights

If your mane has a sprinkling of grey hairs, you can disguise their appearance by. You may be wondering how you can disguise your grey hairs with highlights, and really, it’s easy and very effective, especially for those with lighter hair. 

By strategically applying highlights, you can blend the lighter tones of your greys with lighter strands that look sunkissed. Adding highlights (in the right places) throughout your hair can effectively blend the greys and leave you with a multidimensional colour without having to go to the salon for a full transfor-mation. If you choose to blend away stay grey hairs with highlights, they can often be hidden without requiring too much maintenance.

Try the L’Oreal Paris Colorista Effects Permanent Hair Colour in Ombre for a DIY kit that produces seamless ombre effects and highlights at home. Perfect for both beginners and highlighting experts, achieve dimensional highlights from root to tip. Target your greys directly with the ability to control exactly where your highlights go.

Change up your part

While it may seem too good to be true, sometimes changing your hairstyle or even just adjusting where your part sits can cover greys, depending on where most of your grey hairs sit. Grab your comb and get in front of the mirror, it’s time to get creative and try something new!

Sprinkle some sparkle

Last but not least, remember that grey hair doesn’t have to be serious. While you may have a strong urge to disguise and blend away greys in a way that looks natural, there are ways to have fun with them. Look to festivals for inspiration if in the mood to add some sparkle to your day, and for the glitter. 

By mixing your chosen sparkles with some hair gel you’ve created your very own sparkly root cover up – hide your grey roots without hiding away. Simply part your hair and brush your blend of glitter and hair gel onto your roots. Choose your favourite hue of glitter, and dictate your opacity for most fabulous way to cover greys! Mix the sparkles with the L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Extreme Fix Indestructible Strong Hold Paste for a long lasting, killer look.