High Shine Lips Are Back

Lover of a matte lip? You might want to look away, because it’s about to get wet, with high shine becoming the trend on everyone’s lips.

Stemming from the resurgence of lip gloss that hit our feeds and fashion runways last year, the wet-look love has now spread to tinted lip oils and high gloss, lacquered lipsticks, with our new Colour Riche Shine collection arriving just in time for us to turn on the shine for spring/summer.

So to get our pouts ready, we’re sharing three tips on how to get the most out of your new Colour Riche Shine shades.

Prep your pout with a lip scrub.
Hydrated and exfoliated lips can make or break your lipstick application You can also easily make your own scrub at home by combining coconut oil, brown sugar and a touch of honey together then use small circular motions to rub the mixture onto you lips and leave for 1-2 minutes for maximum hydration before wiping clean.

Don’t skip the lip liner.
If you want more defined lips and longer lasting wear, you should never skip the lip liner. To apply, start by parting your lips slightly and apply lip liner liner using small, short strokes. Try to follow your natural lip shape for a more natural look, or draw on the outer lip line for a more fuller lip. Once drawn, use your pinky finger to lightly blend the liner onto your lips to avoid seeing any harsh lines under your lipstick.
TIP: Our Colour Riche Lip Liner pairs perfectly with the Colour Riche Shine collection.

Use a fine makeup brush to apply.

A lot of us sadly don’t have a naturally steady hand and applying lipstick straight from the bullet can be often daunting. To ensure you get the ultimate precision, use a fine makeup brush to apply, then have your lipstick close by throughout the day for any tiny touch ups.

Try on our lip makeup range with our virtual makeup try on tool.

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