The Secrets Of Anti-Aging Serum

The anti-aging serum is an essential part of our beauty regime, it is packed with active ingredients and wonderfully effective. What are the secrets of the serum ?


Anti-wrinkle active ingredients and volume filler

Low molecular weight or micro hyaluronic acid works its way through the skin layers. In the epidermis, it replumps the skin with water and therefore volume, but also helps to give the skin a smooth, plumpy and firmer appearance. Retinol (otherwise known as vitamin A) helps epidermal cell regeneration. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which neutralises free radicals. Anti-aging serums may also contain powerful anti-oxidant resveratrol which also protects skin firmness by preventing deterioration of support fibres. Use Pro-Xylane for a total effect. It works on sagging skin, thinning skin, wrinkles and dry skin all at once. 

Dark spot correctors

Niacinamide or vitamin C help regulate the production of melanin while LHA encourage the epidermis to exfoliate, and all of them help control the appearance of dark spots on the skin's surface.


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