How to Bleach Hair at Home

Ready for a change? If you’ve been dreaming of platinum blonde hair or a whimsical pastel hue, one thing’s for sure, you’re going to have to involve some bleach in the process. For those who prefer a do it yourself approach to hair colour, it’s essential to know how to handle bleach properly to achieve your desired look. While it may seem like a daunting endeavour, it doesn’t have to be. That’s where we come in! Our hair colour experts detail the tips and tricks you need to know to master the art of bleaching your hair at home.

What you need to know before reaching for the bleach

To achieve the icy blonde hair you’ve been lusting after, or an on trend rose gold hue, you’ll need to understand how bleach works, and how to properly apply it. For those starting with naturally darker hair, it may take a few applications, and a bit of patience, to reach your ideal colour.

Knowing your ideal end result and your hair history is key to successfully bleaching hair at home. If your goal is to go from one extreme all the way to another, like lightening dark brown or black hair to platinum blonde, we recommend consulting a professional to ensure you can successfully achieve your desired results without damage. 

Applying bleach over existing hair dye may also change the results you can achieve. For assistance, please call our team of experienced hairdressers in the L'Oréal Paris Advisory Bureau on 1300 659 359, or alternatively email your enquiry to us at [email protected]

Once you have a plan, and are ready to take the plunge keep reading to make sure you know how to bleach your hair at home like a pro. 

The steps to bleaching hair at home

Now you’ve considered exactly what you want and how it will work with your existing hair colour, it’s time to dive in. First thing’s first, you’ll need a hair bleach kit. Buying the supplies you need in a hair bleaching kit will make things simplest for you, as they include everything you need for your transformation at your fingertips, namely: bleach powder, developer, gloves and the all-important instructions. We love the Colorista Effects Permanent Hair Colour in Soft Bleach, an oil-powered bleach that lightens hair without ammonia.

As each bleaching kit and colour is different it’s essential you stick to the directions included in the instruction leaflet. Take the time to read them thoroughly before you begin the application process to ensure the best outcome possible. 

As bleach is quite powerful it is important to avoid getting any on your clothes or skin. Protect your clothes and skin by draping an old towel around your shoulders. While the exact process will vary between hair colour kits, the general rules of preparing the dye to lighten your hair remain the same. Prepare your colour for application by mixing the bleach and developer together thoroughly.

Following our guide to dyeing hair at home, part your hair into neat sections so you can apply the hair colour evenly. Once your hair is sectioned it’s time to jump right in, begin applying the bleach to your hair section by section. Ensure you fully saturate your locks with dye for an even result.

Once applied, bleach is typically left to process for around 15-30 minutes. This processing time will differ based on the hair dye you’ve chosen, how dark your hair is to begin with, and the product itself. Again, following the instructions provided with you chosen hair colour is key to achieving your desired result.

Once your hair has processed and you’re ready to rinse out the bleach, jump in the shower and shampoo your hair thoroughly to remove all product. Follow with the conditioner in your bleaching kit. Leave in your hair for a few minutes to smooth and hydrate your hair. Rinse again then wait for your hair to dry to see your new colour!

If you’re leaving your hair blonde, an at-home toner can help you achieve the exact shade you want. A purple shampoo such as the L’Oréal Paris Colorista Silver Shampoo will eliminate any brassiness and yellow tones for a truly icy blonde.

Using bleached hair as a base

Blonde is often a perfect base to experiment with bold and bright hair colour choices. If blonde isn’t your final destination and you want to move to more colourful pastures, then you’re not done yet! 

Follow up with a vibrant semi-permanent hair colour such as the Colorista Washout Semi-Permanent Hair Colour. Available in a range of shades including pink, purple and indigo you can colour your way – apply an overall wash of pastel colour, or a blend of ombre tones for a rainbow effect. How you apply the colour is completely up to you!

Caring for bleached hair

Like all colour treated hair, it’s important to remember that hair that has been bleached requires a little extra attention and specifically formulated hair care products. Use a deep nourishing shampoo and conditioner when washing your hair to protect the colour and keep your hair looking healthy. We recommend L’Oréal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Purple Shampoo and Conditioner to nourish hair. Purple tones are the opposite of yellow on the colour wheel, meaning that using a purple toned shampoo will help counteract the warm tones that can leave bleached hair looking dull and brassy over time.

When using a hair dryer or any styling tools that will heat your hair, protect your coloured locks with a protective product like Stylista The Blow Dry Heat Protection Cream to keep it looking healthy and fresh!

Make time for touch ups

If your natural, or starting colour, was a shade of brown or red your roots will begin to show as your hair grows out. The lighter you have bleached your hair, the quicker your regrowth will become obvious. Keep a lightening hair dye kit on hand so you can touch up your colour when needed. When hair is lightened considerably, even dark blonde roots will look obvious against bleached hair.

The best kits for bleaching your hair at home

Looking for the best at home bleach for hair? Choose L’Oreal Paris Colorista Effects Permanent Hair Colour in Soft Bleach for an all over lightening effect that will still nourish your hair.