Easy At-Home Beauty Treatments to Try

Between salon-visits, busy lifestyles can leave little time to stay on top of beauty. Enter at home beauty treatments – the weekly, fortnightly, or whenever-you-need-a-boost top ups for home. Available for hair, skin and makeup, at home beauty therapy helps to cover grey hairs, hydrate dull skin or elevate makeup routines.

By including self-care in your down time, you can enhance your current routines and keep skin and hair at their strongest. You can easily do treatments for dry hair at home or don a facial at home for oily skin while watching a movie or before bed.

See how your skin type and favourite hairstyles can benefit with this comprehensive guide to beauty at home. See which of our cult favourite products to keep handy and how to apply them for full-time radiance.

At-home beauty therapy 101

Separate to your usual routines, at home beauty therapy supports specific concerns or goals with intensive formulas. Products like face masks, hair colour kits and pimple strips can be used from the comfort of home and take anywhere between 5 minutes and an hour. Everyday stress from the environment and lifestyle affects the vitality of skin and hair. Dry weather, UV radiation and interrupted sleep patterns can cause dulled skin, breakouts and split ends. To restore strength and shine, keep home beauty treatments on-hand.

At-home skin care

Using a face treatment at home can benefit skin in an array of ways. This instant expert analysis reads skin before providing a personalised at home skin care routine.

Facial at home for dry skin

Even with regular moisturising, dry skin types can experience periods of dulled, tight and dehydrated complexions. Face masks and other intensive products are highly effective at hydrating deep layers of skin and keeping optimal moisture content in check. To brighten and refresh skin, opt for 7-day home beauty treatment Revitalift Filler 1.5% Pure Hyaluronic Acid – it can be applied after cleansing to seal moisture in and make skin look fuller.

Address dryness with a plumping mask once a week. Pair with the targeted Eye Serum Cooling Tissue Mask for a full-face treatment for plumped, hydrated skin.

Facial at home for oily skin

Oil-flow needs healthy skin to stay balanced, but even with a great routine breakouts can still sometimes occur. For a face treatment at home that addresses imperfections and clears oil, opt for clay face masks. Pure Clay Marine Algae Anti-Blemish Face Mask can be applied twice per week to absorb impurities and reduce blemishes.

Home beauty care

Beauty hacks and tutorials can elevate current looks and add new styles to your arsenal. At home beauty therapy lets you take time to understand which formulas match to your skin type and the ways to pair products like lip colours and eyeshadow. Find your next flawless look with Modiface: Virtual Hair Colour And Makeup Try On.

Find your foundation match

No makeup look can be successful without the right foundation. It isn’t only skin tones that need the right pairing – skin types should also be supported by formulas. Read how to find foundation for your skin type, then use Modiface to try on different products. For oily skin types, mattifying foundations like Infallible 24hr Matte Cover Foundation provides breathable, skin-like coverage without caking or fading.  

Easy at home beauty treatments

Beauty salons offer intensive treatments, but there are simple home beauty treatments that help extend your makeup products. To strengthen and lengthen lashes so that mascara can go further, add a nightly lash serum to your routine. Lash serum is clinically proven to nourish and grow lashes, with ingredients like keratin and hyaluronic acid. For a two-in-one home beauty treatment for lashes, L’Oréal Paris Pro XXL Extension Mascara Black combines a volumising primer with an pro-keratin mascara for a ‘lifted’ effect.

Hair beauty at home

Hair needs proper care to stay healthy and bright. A salon treatment can do wonders, but at home beauty treatments ensure that hair stays hydrated and fresh year-round.  

Hair colour

At-home hair dyes give you the power to transform your look whenever you want. For permanent shades, cool-toned range Cool Crème Permanent Hair Colour and vivid-toned Préférence Vivids can be achieved easily from home. Cover regrowth and greys between salon visits or at-home colourations with Magic Retouch and Magic Precision. Specifically designed for men, the One Twist Hair Colour covers greys naturally and undetectably in just five minutes.

Hair treatments

Just like with skincare, strands need support from at home treatments. Hair oils, serums and leave-in masks work to seal moisture into cuticles and improve damaged hair for returned strength and shine. Treatments for dry hair at home include nourishing oils like Extraordinary Oil Extra Rich Treatment, which can be added to routines a few times per week. To protect blonde-dyed hair, at home beauty care like Colour Protect Purple 10 In 1 Leave In Spray targets hair fibres to keep shine locked in.

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