Can You Use Niacinamide With Vitamin C?

So, you’ve discovered the respective benefits of niacinamide and vitamin C for your skin. But have you ever thought: ‘can I use niacinamide with vitamin C?’ The short answer is yes. But before you start playing with layering serums, it’s best to learn how to best combine the two skincare ingredients so you can get the most out of them. And while we all have different skin types, concerns and goals, one thing’s for sure: whether you’re dealing with dry or dull skin, pairing the right combination of ingredients can make a world of difference. If you’ve been wondering how to use vitamin C and niacinamide together, this is the article for you.

Niacinamide vs vitamin C

To understand how Niacinamide and Vitamin C best work together, it helps to learn about their individual skincare benefits:


A form of vitamin B3, Niacinamide is loved for its many benefits. Topping the list is its ability to help skin create ceramides to support the skin moisture barrier, as well as helping to build keratin to keep skin looking healthy and firm.

Vitamin C

In the world of skincare, Vitamin C is hailed as an anti-ageing essential that can help to promote a smooth, even and glowy complexion for people of all ages. Known for its ability to brighten the skin’s appearance and promote the production of collagen, this antioxidant-rich protector has many skincare benefits worth raving about.

Now that you’re across each skincare ingredient, you’re probably wondering, ‘can you mix Niacinamide and Vitamin C?’ We break it down below.

Can I use Niacinamide with Vitamin C?

Yes, you can combine Niacinamide and Vitamin C … but this brings us to the age-old question: which comes first?

It depends. When layering serums, for example, vitamin C usually comes before niacinamide. This is because a vitamin C serum always needs to be applied to clean, dry skin in the morning (as this will allow your skin the time to make the most of its skincare benefits).

Serums aside, the way in which you layer your Vitamin C and Niacinamide depends on the texture of your chosen products. The general rule of thumb is to apply skincare products in order from thinnest to thickest consistency, so if you have a niacinamide booster and a vitamin C moisturiser, for example, apply the booster first and the moisturiser second.

Tip: No matter which vitamin C product you choose, be sure to keep it out of the sun and heat.

Who should use Vitamin C and Niacinamide in skincare?

Due to its low pH levels, vitamin C is especially beneficial for oily and normal skin. Those with sensitive and dry skin can experience the benefits of Vitamin C too, but should start with 1-2 applications per week and build up as skin acclimates – this will help avoid sensitising skin.

The bottom line is that vitamin C works well in small doses. However, when applied correctly, it can promote healthy-looking skin for days. On the flip side, nacinamide is typically well tolerated among those with sensitive skin and is therefore suitable for all skin types.

How to use Vitamin C and Niacinamide together

Face Serums:Formulated with 12% of the purest form of Vitamin C, plus vitamin E and Salicylic Acid, the Revitalift Clinical Vitamin C Brightening Serum results in 2x visibly brighter skin*, a more even skin tone and 2x less visible pores^. Bright Reveal Niacinamide Dark Spot Serum is formulated with 10% [Niacinamide + Amino-Sulfonic Acid], which is scientifically-proven to reduce -77% of dark spots**, including post-acne marks, age spots sunspots and pregnancy hormonal spots.

When using vitamin c and niacinamide serums together we recommend applying the vitamin C serum first to freshly cleansed, dry skin, followed by the niacinamide serum.

In terms of when to use, both serums can be used daily. When used in the AM, vitamin C can also help protect against free radicals caused by external aggressors like sun exposure and pollution. Niacinamide is a gentle but powerful ingredient, which pairs well with most other ingredients, so can be used in the AM or PM.

*Cosmeto-clinical scorage vs baseline, 63 subjects, 4 weeks. ^8 weeks.

**Cosmeto-clinical study, 63 women, after 8 weeks.

Day cream: if you’re wanting to add a brightening day cream with hydration and UV protection benefits, discover the Bright Reveal Niacinamide Dark Spot Cream SPF 15. It’s enriched with a 5.6% Moisturising Complex and 2% brightening Niacinamide to hydrate and smooth the skin, resulting in skin that is protected, visibly brighter and more even.

Night cream: If you’re searching for a Niacinamide-filled night cream, we’d recommend the Laser X3 Retinol + Niacinamide Pressed Night Cream, which combines the two ingredients to visibly minimise the appearance of wrinkles and even out skin tone. The innovative pump packaging delivers the perfect dose in just one press.

So, in conclusion, can you mix niacinamide and vitamin C? Yes! You can combine them either together in one product or combined in two different products and layered. With their combined hydrating and anti-ageing properties, niacinamide and vitamin C are the dream team.

Now that you’re a niacinamide and vitamin C expert, you’re ready to kickstart those skincare goals. Next up, learn more about niacinamide serum benefits for all skin types.

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See how to use this superhero ingredient with our Vitamin C guide. " } }, { "@type":"ListItem", "position": 2, "url" : "", "item":{ "@type": "Article", "mainEntityOfPage":{ "@type":"WebPage" }, "headline":"what-does-niacinamide-do-for-the-skin", "image":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "height":600, "width":2000 }, "datePublished": "2024-05-21T04:55:57+00:00", "dateModified": "2024-05-21T04:58:14+00:00", "author": { "@type": "Brand", "name": "L'Oréal Paris" }, "publisher":{ "@type":"Organization", "name":"L'Oréal Paris", "logo":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "width":189, "height":60 } }, "description":"<p>Niacinamide &ndash; the multi-talented, multi-faceted, multi-tasking <a href="">skincare</a> hero. Loved by many, niacinamide is held up for its versatility and wide-ranging benefits when applied topically to the skin. From reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation to skin brightening to helping build keratin and stimulating skin cells to make more <a href="">collagen</a>, there&rsquo;s not much that the super ingredient can&rsquo;t achieve. Ahead, uncover what niacinamide is, and why you need to add the skin-loving ingredient to your routine.</p>" } }, { "@type":"ListItem", "position": 3, "url" : "", "item":{ "@type": "Article", "mainEntityOfPage":{ "@type":"WebPage" }, "headline":"niacinamide-serum-benefits-for-all-skin-types", "image":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "height":600, "width":2000 }, "datePublished": "2024-05-17T11:10:23+00:00", "dateModified": "2024-05-17T11:11:27+00:00", "author": { "@type": "Brand", "name": "L'Oréal Paris" }, "publisher":{ "@type":"Organization", "name":"L'Oréal Paris", "logo":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "width":189, "height":60 } }, "description":"<p>Niacinamide is a key ingredient in many daily skincare rituals, found in almost any kind of skincare product &ndash; from <a href="">cleansers</a>, to moisturisers, to <a href="">serums</a>. This super ingredient is quickly climbing the ranks and taking the credit for some serious skin benefits. But how does niacinamide help skin and why is it best when bottled in serum form? Read below for the benefits of niacinamide and why everyone &mdash; no matter the skin type or skin concern &mdash; can use this hero ingredient.</p>" } }, { "@type":"ListItem", "position": 4, "url" : "", "item":{ "@type": "Article", "mainEntityOfPage":{ "@type":"WebPage" }, "headline":"how-to-layer-skincare-serums", "image":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "height":600, "width":2000 }, "datePublished": "2024-03-05T07:22:41+00:00", "dateModified": "2024-03-08T05:18:41+00:00", "author": { "@type": "Brand", "name": "L'Oréal Paris" }, "publisher":{ "@type":"Organization", "name":"L'Oréal Paris", "logo":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "width":189, "height":60 } }, "description":"<div class="rich-text"> <h2>What is serum layering?</h2> <p>It&rsquo;s common practice to use one face serum in the morning and one at night, but have you ever wondered: &lsquo;can I combine serums in the same skincare routine?&rsquo; The short answer is yes &ndash; this is called serum layering, but it&rsquo;s not quite that straightforward. Serum layering is all about applying multiple serums, one after another, to target specific skin concerns. Understanding how different skincare ingredients work can be tricky, but it&rsquo;s important if you want to get the most out of your skincare products . Serums use ingredients to address specific skin concerns such as hydration, brightening, anti-ageing, or acne in different ways, so you need to know which serums will work for you and how to layer them. This includes which ingredients work well together, which ones don&rsquo;t, how many serums to use, and when to apply them. Read on to discover how to layer serums and acids and maximise the benefits of your serum routine. </p> </div>" } }, { "@type":"ListItem", "position": 5, "url" : "", "item":{ "@type": "Article", "mainEntityOfPage":{ "@type":"WebPage" }, "headline":"Hyaluronic Acid", "image":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "height":900, "width":2000 }, "datePublished": "2021-03-17T01:24:00+00:00", "dateModified": "2024-04-11T04:43:11+00:00", "author": { "@type": "Brand", "name": "L'Oréal Paris" }, "publisher":{ "@type":"Organization", "name":"L'Oréal Paris", "logo":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "width":189, "height":60 } }, "description":"Known as a modern day 'Skincare Hero', Hyaluronic Acid (HA) has quickly become one of the most talked about ingredients when it comes to attaining smooth, hydrated, and youthful skin. 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