Men's Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine

It’s true what they say – it’s a privilege to age. But, with ageing comes change… and change isn’t always a welcome dinner guest. By building a men’s anti-ageing skincare routine that suits your skin type, you’re setting your face up for future (good-looking) you. Whilst the right anti-ageing products can’t promise to turn back time, they can accentuate your natural features. You can think of your men’s skincare routine as a daily pathway to preserving your self-confidence. Because if your skin looks good, you’re bound to feel good, too!

So, the real beard-scratcher is ‘how to take care of men’s skin?’ Luckily, we’ve got all the anti-ageing bases covered. Read more below.

Why do I need a men’s anti-ageing skincare routine?

Whether you’re in your 20s or your 60s (or somewhere in between) everyone can benefit from a tailor-made men’s anti-ageing skincare routine. And while mainstream movies have painted that very first grey hair in a negative light, it’s actually a milestone to be celebrated!

It should come as no surprise to learn that men’s looks often improve with age, and this ageing process can be supported through skincare and regular grooming. Think of the George Clooneys, the Pedro Pascals and the Daniel Craigs of the world. (It’s a handsome picture, right?!)

At L'Oréal Paris, we harness the power of hard-working ingredients so skin can feel pampered, refreshed and hydrated. Thanks to our premium anti-ageing products, men of all ages can feel their best, most confident selves – day and night.

How to take care of men’s skin

From embracing laugh lines to loving your crow’s feet, it pays to remember that ageing is a normal part of life. Luckily, there are ways to enhance what you’ve got going on thanks to the L'Oréal Paris Men Expert skincare and grooming essentials.

The Power Age range is specially formulated for men with dry skin and signs of ageing. Enriched with two types of hyaluronic acid, all three Power Age products help to minimise the appearance of dark circles and hydrate the skin under the eyes to emphasise the features that have been there all along. Because a good men’s anti-ageing skincare routine isn’t about masking imperfections – it’s about highlighting what you were born with and caring for your skin long before the ageing process begins.

Step 1: Get cleansing

No more asking yourself ‘how to take care of men’s skin?’ Step one is to wash your face with a gentle cleanser that’s suitable for your skin type. For example, if you have sensitive skin, opt for the Magnesium Defence Sensitive Skin Facial Cleanser with magnesium mineral and hyaluronic acid to help protect and hydrate the skin. No matter your skin type, there’s a cleanser that will be truly honoured to make its debut on your skin.

Step 2: Swipe on the eye roller

After cleansing the skin, it’s time to get the hyaluronic acid rolling. This ingredient is known for its deeply hydrating properties and plays a part in protecting the skin structure and retaining moisture. The Power Age Eye Serum Roller with Hyaluronic Acid is not only loaded with a super duo of hyaluronic acids, but this under-eye roller ball delivers just the right amount of cream to hydrate the area, for the long lasting hydration your men’s anti-ageing skincare routine has been missing.

Step 3: Revitalise the skin with a face serum

Formulated to boost and hydrate the skin, the Power Age Men Face Serum with Hyaluronic Acid is a face serum to watch and learn from. It’s loaded with a unique combination of micro hyaluronic acid (for deep hydration) and macro hyaluronic acid (to hydrate the outer layers of the skin, restore moisture and visibly plump). This gel-textured face serum is best applied in the morning and the evening on a freshly cleansed face. Simply apply a few drops into your hands, emulsify between your fingertips and massage the formula into your forehead, cheeks and under-eye areas for best results (and a happy face).

Step 4: Apply a thick and hydrating moisturiser

Next up – lock in your skincare with a men’s face moisturiser. A moisturiser’s primary task is to help the skin to stay hydrated. They also seal the skin, locking in moisture and nutrients, while protecting from environmental stressors. Our pick is the Power Age Moisturiser with Hyaluronic Acid, which is suitable for men with normal to dry skin. This moisturiser helps to firm and support skin’s elasticity, provides intense moisture for fresher skin, and does an excellent job at plumping. This is a moisturiser to add to your daily men’s anti-ageing skincare routine – morning and night!

Step 5: Stay SPF-friendly

While sunscreen has had a well-deserved glow up recently, experts are still seeing a rise in skin cancer among men. This is largely because women are typically more compliant in wearing sunscreen daily. Skin experts agree that even the most basic skincare routines should include a broad-spectrum SPF as the final step, with SPF 30 as the minimum standard. Not only is sunscreen the best prevention against skin cancer (aside from covering up while outdoors and heading out while the UV is low), but it’s also recommended for cosmetic concerns such as in the prevention of dark spots and photoageing. So, always remember to slap on your SPF as the final step of your men’s anti-ageing skincare routine in the morning. Future you will seriously appreciate it.


Now that you know how to take care of men’s skin, you can check out our guide on how to grow and maintain your beard.

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