How To: Grown & Maintain Your Beard

Contrary to popular belief, growing a beard takes more effort than just putting down the razor. Reach your ultimate beard potential with these handy tips and tricks.

The Beginning 
Patience is everything when growing a beard. Resist the urge to trim or style for the first 4-6 weeks to help the hairs grow in evenly. Use 
Barber Club 3-iN-1 Beard, Hair & Face Wash two or three times a week to help soften the hairs, reduce itchiness and stimulate the hair follicles.

How To Trim
After 4-6 weeks of waiting and washing, you’ll be eager to trim your now-full beard. Start by washing with Barber Club Beard, Face & Hair Wash, then brush in an upwards motion with a comb or soft-bristled brush. Using Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Shave Gel and a razor, shape above your cheekbones and below your adam’s apple. Next, clipper stray hairs with a small pair of shears until you reach a point where the hair is becoming denser. With regular trimming, your beard will grow into your desired shape.

Embrace The Oil
Your Barber Club Long Beard & Skin Oil is about to become your new best friend. Use it every day to tame and condition your beard while soothing your skin. Work a few drops in from the base of your beard to tame flyaways and to give your beard shine. Finish off with a quick comb through to tidy it all up.