Age Perfect Intense Nutrition Extraordinary Restoring Serum

Product benefits

A deeply nourishing Serum developed for women 50+ to intensely repair their mature, dry, de-nourished skin whilst boosting their Intense Nutrition skincare regime.

Drop by drop, the luxurious, golden elixir of nourishing ingredients leaves your skin feeling soft and supple.

Restoring Action: Enriched with Pro-Calcium, the Intense Nutrition Extraordinary Restoring Serum helps restore skin with moisture and reinforces the skin’s barrier function.

Hydrating Action: Enriched with a lipid replenishing ingredient, this serum intensely nourishes the skin with moisture to help protect it from feeling dry.

Toning Action: Enriched with Peptides, the formula stimulates collagen: +38% more substance*, skin feels more dense and resilient.

*In-vitro test.



Royal Jelly – a highly nourishing skin-repairing ingredient:
Royal Jelly is an intense concentration of vital nutrients (proteins, vitamins and lipids) which penetrate into your skin, to deeply replenish it with moisture, leaving it feeling smooth and less crinkled.

Pro-Calcium – for strengthening and anti-sagging action:
A unique patented complex developed to refill your skin with bio-assimilable calcium. It helps to repair and strengthen your skin so that it regains plumpness and support.

Age Perfect Intense Nutrition Extraordinary Restoring Serum