Get Your Scrub On: 5 Reasons to Use a Face or Body Scrub

Scrubbing is a beauty regime essential, smoothing skin, boosting circulation and clearing pesky blocked pores. Read our top 5 reasons to try a face or body scrub.


Scrubs make your skin feel really soft

If moisturising is second nature but scrubbing is excluded from your beauty routine, you're missing out. Scrubbing is a case of maximum results for minimum effort, delivering silky soft skin in a jiffy. Thanks to scrubs with exfoliating grains; fine for the face, coarser for the body; scrubs remove dead skin cells as well as impurities accumulated during the day, such as pollution, tobacco and excess sebum. The result? Skin that's smooth, soft to the touch and has an even tone.

Scrubs brighten your complexion

Scrubbing can stimulate blood flow, aid oxygenation and exfoliate your skin: apply your favourite brightening scrub using small circular movements to feel the full effects. Scrubbing removes impurities that block pores, allowing skin to breathe. So you can wave goodbye to a dull, sallow complexion: you'll be left with a peachy glow. 

Scrubbing aids other skin treatments

Getting rid of impurities that have accumulated on your face and body will leave your skin clean, clear and better prepared for other beauty products. Once your pores are open and your circulation is boosted, moisturisers and anti-wrinkle or anti-cellulite treatments will more easily penetrate the epidermis.  Explore our complete range of face scrub here.

Face and body scrubs prolong your tan

There was a time when people thought scrubbing and tanning were a bad combination. Not any more. Scrubbing is essential to prolonging your tan: removing dead cells will not only make your tan look uniform but also more radiant. Get your scrub on once a week to maintain a glowing, long-lasting tan. 

Scrubbing is quick and easy