The Best Evening Skincare Routine to Boost Skin Cell Turnover

Are you struggling with skin texture, a lack of luminosity, or fine lines and wrinkles? Don’t lose sleep over it - read on to find out how your skin regenerates overnight and how to boost cell turnover so you can achieve smoother, more youthful skin without batting an eyelid.

Cell turnover and skin regeneration: a visibly more youthful you

Cell turnover is the process by which dead skin cells are shed and subsequently replaced with younger cells. It is these younger cells that allow skin to appear shinier, smoother, and clear of imperfections.

The rate of skin regeneration peaks at night, between the hours of midnight and 6am. As the body sleeps, precious mother cells at the origin of all others divide and produce new cells.

What are Mother Cells?

Mother cells are located at the bottom layer of the epidermis. These cells replicate constantly, dividing and producing new cells, which in turn continue the relay or migrate to the top layer of the skin. Dead or damaged cells slough off, revealing the new cells underneath.
With age, the turnover of mother cells slows down considerably and the skin’s total turnover takes more time. Add to this the fact that skin cells are deeply affected by external aggressions - the sun, pollution, external and even internal stress - on a daily basis. This oxidative stress particularly impacts mother cells, diminishing their fundamental function: giving birth to new cells so that skin turnover continues and skin quality is maintained.

A better beauty sleep with antioxidants

Healthy skin starts at the skin barrier or epidermis, the outermost layer of skin. When intact, the tougher cells of the skin barrier protect the body from harmful oxidants and pollutants, lock in moisture, and allow the mother cells to function and regenerate. However, the skin barrier is at its weakest at the beginning of the night.

Antioxidants can help reinforce skin’s barrier, hence it’s important that we include antioxidants in both our morning and nightly anti-ageing skincare routine to ensure optimal skin regeneration.

Antioxidants are so vital because:

  1. They repair skin damage suffered during the day when used during the night;
  2. They not only shield but also protect the skin from aggressors of the day like sun and pollution when used during the night, and daytime as well; and
  3. They help correct the active signs of skin ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and dullness.

Pairing a L’Oréal Paris-patented antioxidant derived from bitter orange with strengthening Vitamin E to help reinforce skin’s barrier, L’Oréal Paris’ exclusive Antioxidant Recovery Complex helps protect mother cells during their division to boost skin renewal.

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Age Perfect Cell Renewal Midnight Serum – specifically formulated to boost cell turnover for evening and night-time skin repair!

Age Perfect Cell Renewal Midnight Serum, a pioneering skincare product, contains L’Oréal patented Antioxidant Recovery Complex and actives that work together in a concentrated serum to boost cell turnover by supporting the skin’s natural repair and regeneration process each night.

Our formula also includes Hyaluronic Acid – an ingredient well-known for its exceptional hydrating properties which prevent excessive moisture from leaving the skin.
After using Midnight Serum, women reported their skin felt more moisturised, refreshed, smooth and luminous and that wrinkles and fine lines appeared reduced*.

Recommended Evening Skincare Routine to Boost Cell Renewal

Morning: Age Perfect Cell Renewal Revitalising Day Cream SPF15 and Age Perfect Cell Renewal Regenerating Eye Serum.

Evening: Age Perfect Cell Renewal Midnight Serum followed by Age Perfect Cell Renewal Regenerating Night Cream and Age Perfect Cell Renewal Regenerating Eye Serum

Who is it for: For all skin types, particularly those concerned about skin texture, hyperpigmentation, or fine lines. Suitable for sensitive skin.

* Based on a head-to-head consumer preference study of 350 women vs. the #1 luxury night serum retailing for $75 (1 fl oz.) in specialty & department stores, both in-person and via online channels (over 6 months through Jan 2021).

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To address signs of ageing in your night regime, read ahead to see our top tips for a mature skin type. 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You’ve gotten to know your skin over the years, observed its changes and addressed new skin care concerns. You may have noticed that your skin’s needs continuously change as you get older—your skin may feel drier, and wrinkles and dark spots become more visible. Expression lines dig deeper, and skin loses its elasticity.<br /><br /> Of course, growing older isn’t all that bad. Your skin tells your story, and you should be proud of where you are today. You made it to your 40s—that’s a major accomplishment! Still, if you’re keen to address signs of ageing in your 40s, all you have to do is change your <u><a href="">skin care routine</a></u> to suit what your skin now requires. Keep reading for the best skin care regimen and <u><a href="">anti-ageing</a></u> skin care products for your 40s. 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