DIY Tutorial: Easy Ombre Hair

Want to change up your hair colour look? It's easy! This simple video will show you how.


To achieve this look Domenica used Preference Wild Ombres Shade 2 Dark Blonde To Brown.

Following the package instructions carefully, Domenica mixes the three ingredients together. She shakes the bottle side to side to make sure its all combined.

Domenica parts hair where she normally would wear it (you should do the same), then sections the hair into manageable layers. She the puts the gloves on her hands, and applies the product directly to her hair, beginning at the bottom and working her way up, ensuring to blend and work the product through her hair.

Domenica uses an old towel to wipe her hands between sections so that product application stays seamless! Domenica also applies the product to the Expert Brush, running the product through the ends of her hair.

Domenica’s expert tip is use the Expert comb to ‘back-comb’ the product at the mid-lengths to achieve a seamless transition from light to dark!