Tips for The Day Brow

Tips for

The Day Brow

With some super easy pencil work, Danica Theobald switches up the shape of her soft, easy breezy day brow in seconds! GET THE LOOK: Use a synthetic brush to apply Infallible Concealer to redefine the brow arch hape and shorten the taill. Apply Brow Artist Sculpt to the back of your hand. Then use a small angled brush to lightly create the illusion of faux hair, further reshaping and enhancing the brow as desired. Comb through with a spooly brush to ensure brows stay soft and natural. Next, use a brow pencil to even out product. And add hair and shape to the brow, concentrating on the tail and feathering into the tip. Complete the look with a wash of La Palette Nude eyeshadow to really offset the simple day brow.


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