Your A-Z Guide To Lipsticks

Your A-Z Guide To Lipsticks

Whether you never stray from that one favourite shade or you’re a little scared of lip colour altogether, this simple guide will have you wielding your lipstick like a pro!

The Best Lip Shades For Your Skin Tone

Choosing the right lipstick for your skin tone and style in a poorly lit store is truly everyone's nightmare. To simplify the process, start with a shade that goes most comfortably with your complexion and then try, try, try until you find the tones that make you smile.

Skin tone: FAIR
Colour range: Look to pink, orange or pink-based reds, pink-based nudes to best complement your complexion.

Skin tone: MEDIUM

Colour range: Lucky for you, there's a range of shades at your disposal! Play around with brown-mauve, plum, raspberry, rosy and soft pinks, light browns and bronze to see what suits best.

Skin tone: OLIVE
Colour range: Lean into the moodier shades like light browns, berry, brown-based reds when trying to find your favourite lipstick.

Skin tone: DARK
Colour range: Deeper shades work like a dream - try berry, deep purple, ruby red and camel. 

Now you know how to play up your pout, let's shape it into a full look. From flirty berry hues to vampy lips, adding lipstick is a quick way to elevate your style.

The Full Look

Bring the sunshine with semi-bright, fruity lipstick colours. Perfect for daytime wear and to coordinate with cheery colours, it's also the best colour selection to try in gloss and stains.

TRY: Perfect your matte pout with Rouge Signature in 'I Speak Up' or gloss on in Color Riche Shine Addiction in '465 Trending'

There’s no easier way to instantly electrify an outfit than adding a bold lip. Remember they come with varying bases, so choose a tone that suits your skin. And avoid overdoing the rest of your makeup - your lipstick is the star of the show.

TRY: Color Riche Matte in '349 Paris Cherry' is the LBD of your makeup bag - a classic red never goes out of style! Or opt for a more magnetic purple in '471 Voodoo'

Go either slightly brighter or darker than your natural skin tone. The shade should work to enhance your natural colour, so paler skin types should opt for something with a hint of pink and olive, yellow or dark types work well with sandy beiges. 

TRY: Marry flattering neutral shades and 24-hour staying power and what do you get? Infallible 2-Step Lipcolor.

Pastels & Pinks
When it comes to pink, the range is endless, and there’s a shade to suit every skin type. Pink hues work all year round and can be applied lightly for a soft look or layered for a bolder style.

TRY: Swipe on Color Riche Lip Color in '303 Rose Tendre' for an elegant pastel touch. 

If you're still unsure, you're in luck! Our new Modiface tool allows you to swatch the full spectrum of shades on the shelf - from Color Riche to Rouge Signature.


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