Hair + Skin Trends | A to Z of Summer Beauty

Hair + Skin Trends | A to Z of Summer Beauty

Relearn your alphabet – we’re about to school you in all the summer beauty your need to know. Say goodbye to dry hair and oily skin and hello to a fresh, amazing you!

A – Accentuated Lashes
There’s no denying large, exaggerated eyelashes dominated the runways in 2018. But the latest trend coming through? Naturally long lashes. Enter Clinically Proven Lash Serum: a lash conditioner that strengthens, repairs and beautifies lashes in 30 days.

B – Bangs Are Back
Full bangs are back, but with a fresh take. Enter curtain fringes. They're pretty much exactly what they sound like: long eyebrow-skimming bangs that part in the centre like curtains. To keep them looking sharp, invest in some dry shampoo and use before your bangs get dirty.

C – Cat Eye
Dramatic sweeps of liquid liner elongate the eyes for maximum impact. Beginning in the inner corner of your eye, use small strokes to draw along the tape and trace your desired shape.

D – Dewy Skin
Dewy skin begins with a good-quality base. Try a multitasking formula such as Nude Magique BB Cream, which works as a light cover with added sun-kissed glow.

E – Exfoliate
Exfoliate once weekly to remove dead skin cells and impurities in the skin, which can make your skin appear dull. Sugar Scrubs Purifying Scrub contains kiwi seeds to exfoliate the skin and help reduce blackheads (perfect in warmer weather!) and peppermint essential oil to soothe and reduce blemishes.

F – Festival Hair
Dip-dye hair goes ultra luxe this season with the addition of dreamy metallics – rose gold, anyone? The genius of Colorista Hair Makeup is that it’s temporary, so you can change your colour to match your mood/outfit. Apply to dry hair for intense colour; and for a soft pastel look, brush through until you get your desired hue.

G – Glycolic, Glycolic, Glycolic
Our favourite skincare all-rounder. Glycolic acid works as a chemical exfoliant, removing dead skin cells from the top layers of your skin without scrubbing. It improves skin texture and boosts radiance to remove the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. ‘Nuff said! Try the new Glycolic Peel Pads.

H – Hydration Heroes
Still not sure if you need a serum? The short answer – 100% yes! These lightweight, concentrated liquids penetrate deeper into your skin, so they work harder and faster for maximum hydration. Revitalift Filler [HA] Serum has a 10 times higher concentration of hyaluronic acid than the average L’Oréal Paris day cream. To get the most from your serum, use immediately after cleansing, followed by products such as moisturiser or sunscreen.

I – Illegally Long Lashes
Last week lips were big, now it's time for eyes to be in the spotlight! Bigger is better this season, so look for mascaras with added fibres, taking lashes to a whole new dimension in length. X Fiber Mascara gives the ultimate false-lash look without the hassle of falsies or extensions.

J – Just-Back-From-The-Salon-Skin
Give yourself a much-needed dose of TLC with an at-home facial. Start with a steam - as well as relaxing you, it will open up your pores and help release the impurities, including any dead cells, dirt, bacteria or other trapped matter that could be causing breakouts. Follow with a Pure Clay Mask to suit your skin concerns. Alternatively, multi-mask using a tailored clay on different areas of the face depending on concerns.

K – Kaleidoscope Palettes
Why apply blush, bronze and highlight separately when you can combine the three in one product? Wake Up & Glow Palette offers four super-pigmented, luminous shades for natural-looking radiance. Compacts that blend colours give you a more natural looking glow to match your skin tone. You’ll be positively radiant!

L - Layage
This hot new highlighting trend involves dividing hair into sections and splaying it on a large flat board, then painting the colour onto the strands with a delicate brush. The effect? A more subtle version of ombre, giving your hair lift with the addition of complementary hues. Try Colorista Effect Bleach.

M – Mineral Makeup
Go natural this summer with mineral make-up. The formulas won’t feel heavy on your skin and are packed with vitamins and minerals to heal, moisturise and defend against the elements. True Match Minerals Foundation ( is formulated with 95% sea minerals, including kaolin and zinc.

N – Nineties
Clueless, Jawbreakers, Heathers. Nineties fashion was seriously the best and has seen a revival. The era’s influence extends to beauty looks, with deep plum lip colours and blue-hued eyeshadows making the rounds this season. Are you feeling brave enough?

O – Ombre… Continues!
The ombre hair trend isn't going anywhere. And with Préférence Wild Ombrés DIY kit, there's never been a better time to get involved. With our exclusive lightening formula and easy application brush, DIY colour has never been so easy!

P – Pick Me Up
Does your skin feel dry and thirsty? A hydrating serum acts as a quick pick me up, reviving skin and brightening your complexion. Age Perfect Intense Nutrition Serum is enriched with pro-calcium, golden honey and extract of acacia to intensely nourish and repair the skin.

Q – Quick Fix
Oils revive lacklustre hair and make for shinier, healthier looking locks in an instant! Try Elvive Extraordinary Oil, enriched with fine coconut oil to nourish and protect your hair.

R – Retinol
Retinol rejuvenates skin cells and increases collagen production, which means brighter, softer, younger-looking skin. Revitalift Day Cream is enriched with Pro-Retinol A, a powerful ingredient that stimulates skin cell renewal.

S – Stay-Put Formulas
Summertime means fun in the sun, as well as extra sweat and oil production. To keep your make-up looking fresh throughout the day, choose a stay-put foundation that also helps maintain your skin moisture balance.

T – Technicolor Strands
Festival season here and day-glo streaks are ready to go! Think Marie Antoinette meets punk rock chic. If you only want those streaks to last the weekend, try the Colorista Hair Makeup range – not only does it wipe in and wash straight out, it’s available in 13 on-trend colourful shades!

U – Up Do
When it's hot and humid, the last thing you want to do is spend time styling your hair for it to turn frizzy and sweaty. Go for a chic up do instead. Stylista Bun Gel-spray is a non-sticky, silicone-free formula that’ll leave your hair smelling divine while instantly creating a thicker, fuller styled bun.

V – Vibrant Colours
Bright solid colours are one of the most exciting trends to come out of the runways this season. Out-there shades are great for nails, eyes and even lips for a fabulous statement look. Just make sure to choose just one statement feature so you don’t look like Bozo the clown.

W – Wet Look Hair
As spotted on the catwalk, slicked-back strands are one of the hottest hair-dos this summer. Gather hair and pull back into a chignon or ponytail, using a maximum hold product liberally for a high-shine finish.

X – X-Treme Brows
Statement brows are here to stay. Go easy on the tweezers and add to your natural brow by filling in any gaps with a brow liner. Better still, shape and fill with Brow Artist Micro Tattoo which gives a microbladed finish that lasts up to 24 hours.

Y – Youthful
When it comes to a youthful glow, look for products with a light-reflecting illuminating property, such as Wake Up & Glow Highlighting Drops. Use the concentrated drops under your foundation for a natural-looking glow, mixed with your foundation, primer or moisturiser to add radiance, or alone as a highlighter.

Z – Zit Elimination
All the heat and humidity can spur increased oil production, which usually leads to breakouts. To zap zits and decrease super-sized pores, try our Glycolic Peel Pads to gently exfoliate and resurface for a more unified skin tone.

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Dry Hair Care Top 5 ways To Use A Hair Oil Dry Hair Care Top 5 ways To Use A Hair Oil
Dry Hair Care Top 5 ways To Use A Hair Oil
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Hair Care

Dry Hair Care
Top 5 ways To Use A Hair Oil

Not sure how to handle hair oils? Don’t worry, we'll show you how to use them—even on fine hair.


Our tresses go through a lot on a daily basis— everything from hot water to straightening can leave hair feeling brittle and parched. Try using hair oil as a pre-shampoo prep. Moisturising the strands before washing will help it retain its natural oils. Just add an extra step of applying hair oil before you shower and follow with shampoo and conditioner as usual. We promise, you’ll see the difference.

When you have fine hair, it’s easy to tip over into heavy handed territory with styling products. Unfortunately, doing so weighs hair down and gives it an overly oily sheen. Instead of piling on the products, apply a coin-sized amount of hair oil onto dry ends, steering clear of your roots. This way, you can enjoy silky shine without the added weight.

It’s hard to get your at-home blowouts to match salon styled waves. While it may well be because the hairdryer is a finicky tool to master, there are other secret tricks of the trade to elevate your DIY look. The easiest hack is to add hair oil into the mix (and a heat protectant). Apply to damp hair and blow-dry with a round brush. Finish with a spritz of lightweight hair spray to lock in that smooth shine!

If you’re a victim of hat hair or the dreaded humid hair poof, you’re definitely not alone. Unruly hair plagues us all from time to time, but thankfully hair oil can help tame frizz and flyaways. Rub one to two pumps of hair oil between your palms, running it through the lengths of your hair. Once you only have a tiny amount left, smooth it over the top of your scalp – enough to keep any fine baby hairs in place but not so much that it looks greasy.

Although a trim is the only real solution for eliminating split ends (for now), you can still help protect your strands on a daily basis with a dash of hair oil. Incorporating it as part of your regular hair care routine could make all the difference in delaying your next visit to the salon. Put it on wet or dry hair—both work!


The L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Treatment is enriched with 6 precious flower oils, designed as an instant pick me up for parched hair.

The L'Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Coconut Hair Oil is formulated with fine coconut oil to provide weightless shine and nourishment.

The L'Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Extra Rich Treatment is a hair oil specifically designed for dry or damaged hair.


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What's The Best Clay Mask For Your Skin Type

Everything You Need To Know About Purple Shampoo

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10 Tips Want Your Longest, Strongest Hair? 10 Tips Want Your Longest, Strongest Hair?
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Guide To: BB Cream & CC Cream Guide To: BB Cream & CC Cream
Guide To: BB Cream & CC Cream
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Make Up

Guide To:
BB Cream & CC Cream

BB creams and CC creams have been around for a while now, but there’s still confusion surrounding what each one does. And it’s understandable: unless you know what the ‘BB’ and ‘CC’ stand for, their names don't give much away.

We're here to clear things up and give you a few pointers on how to work these must-have products into your beauty kits.

What is a BB cream?

BB cream stands for Beauty Balm, and it combines the benefits of skin care with makeup for an effortless, flawless complexion.

What is a CC cream?
A CC cream, on the other hand, stands for Colour Correcting, and as the name suggests, can be used to counteract unwanted tones in the skin.
Still confused? Noni Smith, L'Oréal Paris Makeup Director, breaks it down even further. “The simple difference is a BB cream is something that treats your skin,” says Noni, adding that “It doesn’t colour correct; that’s what a CC cream is for”.

BB cream benefits
At a minimum, BB creams moisturise, protect and even out skin tone. But many go above and beyond. Take the L'Oréal Paris C'est Magic BB Cream, for example. “It’s a four-in-one product: it gives you flawless coverage, it can hydrate your skin, it gives you a dewy glow, and it evens your skin tone,” says Noni. It’s the best BB cream for combination skin, dry skin and oily skin, all in one easy-to-use formula.

BB cream vs foundation
Given its tinted formula, it’s easy to see why so many are confused about whether or not a BB cream and foundation are the same thing. While they're not (BB creams provide more skin care benefits than foundations, although they tend to deliver a lighter, more natural-looking coverage than foundation), they can be used interchangeably. You don't need to use a BB cream and a foundation together - just pick one or the other. A BB cream is also similar to a tinted moisturiser, but it provides greater coverage and does more for the skin than simply moisturising it.

How to use CC cream?
The L'Oréal Paris C'est Magic Anti-Redness CC Cream, has a green tint to neutralise the appearance of irritated skin that's flushed and red. The way to use a CC cream is to blend it only into the areas that need it. In this instance, the Anti-Redness CC Cream will come in handy around the nose area or along the jawline and cheek area. As an added beneift, its enriched with Glycerin and Fig extracts for long lasting hydration. If you're using both a CC cream and a BB cream, the CC cream should be applied first.


How To: Bake Makeup

Three Tips for Power Makeup

5 All Star Anti-ageing Ingredients

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How To: Find The Best Red Liquid Lipstick How To: Find The Best Red Liquid Lipstick
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What What's the Best Clay Mask For Your Skin Type
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Me Time: Luxe Beauty Rituals For The Long Weekend Me Time: Luxe Beauty Rituals For The Long Weekend
Me Time: Luxe Beauty Rituals For The Long Weekend
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Me Time:
Luxe Beauty Rituals For The Long Weekend

Light a scented candle, pop on a relaxing face mask (or two) and get ready to unwind. Long weekends are a golden opportunity to give yourself a much-needed dose of TLC with a blissed-out spa experience at home.

Tune out and treat yourself with a bit of ‘me’ time. Or invite your besties around and make it a group spa date! Slough off dead skin cells with one of our Sugar Scrubs or opt for more gentle detox with a nourishing Clay Mask. Easy, affordable and totally rejuvenating, you’ll be feeling positively pampered by the end of it.

#1 Pure Clay Soothing Mask
If your skin is on the sensitive side, we've got the perfect mask for a little TLC. New Pure Clay Soothing Mask is an all-round skin detox, reducing tightness and redness. The creamy clay formula consists of kaolin clay to remove impurities, montmorillonite clay to purify skin and ghassoul clay to absorb excess oil.

#2 Pure Clay Charcoal Mask
Nothing sorts out clogged pores quite like charcoal. It's like a magnet specifically devised to attract and draw out any impurities. Apply the Pure Clay Mask Detoxifying + Brightening Charcoal Mask to give those pores a deep cleanse, focusing on the areas that need it most - like the nose.

#3 Anti-Fatigue Coffee Sugar Scrub
As temperatures continue to dip, your skin may be feeling (and looking) less than radiant. The new Anti-Fatigue Coffee Sugar Scrub is boosted with Kona coffee grounds sourced from the Hawaiian coast to instantly invigorate and renew skin to boost tired complexions.

#4 Purifying Sugar Scrub with Kiwi Seed
For a purified look and feel, turn to the humble kiwi seed. In addition to the blend of pure sugars, the Purifying Sugar Scrub with Kiwi Seed helps to remove dirt and oil while polishing dull skin. You'll be left with visibly brightened, baby-soft skin and a far more even complexion.

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