Daily Treats Extraordinary Oil Cream

Daily Treats

Extraordinary Oil Cream

In the morning and/or evening, the precious oil can be used dailt for radiant looking skin, nourished with moisture.

DRY/DEHYDRATED ZONES: Apply a luxurious drop of moisture for dry/dehydrated zones. This luxurious oil absorbs quickly to give an immediate effect and leaves the skin feeling intensely moisturised and hydrated.

REFRESHING WASH: Apply on clean and slightly damp skin, spread it on the face and neckline with small circular movements. This refreshing wash leaves the skin feeling soothed and an immediate feeling of comfort.

FULL FACIAL MASSAGE: After using the Extraordinary Facial Oil, use the Extraordinary Oil-Cream to give yourself a full facial massage, a massage inspired by Asian tradition, for a truly indulgent experience.

MIX WITH FOUNDATION: For a luminous looking finish to your make-up, try mixing a single drop of Extraordinary Facial Oil in with your foundation before applying. The Facial Oil helps give your skin a more even tone with radiance and allows it to feel comfortable all day long.


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