The Importance of Scalp Care & How to Take Care of Yours

Happy and healthy hair starts at the scalp. Scalp care is an often-missed element in hair care routines, and it can have a big impact when it comes to hair quality, softness and healthy growth. So what is good scalp care, and how can you implement it in your daily routine? Read on and we’ll give you some pointers on how to keep your scalp in tip-top condition.

How to take care of your scalp 

An unhealthy scalp can really bring you down. If your scalp balance is out of whack, you may notice itchy sensations, dryness and flaking or oily roots. Because it’s usually hidden under a head of hair, we tend to forget about the importance of scalp care. Like skincare or body care, the scalp deserves to be looked after as well. A few quick changes to your routine can improve your scalp health and target any lingering issues you may be dealing with. 

When it comes to having a healthy scalp, a standard shampoo-and-conditioner hair care routine just won’t cut it. When looking for hair care for a sensitive scalp, show it a little extra love by implementing our tips below. 

Brush properly

Most people brush their hair, but not everyone knows the right way to do it. For straight or wavy hair, make sure you’re brushing all the way from root to tip to ensure the hydrating oils produced by the scalp are evenly distributed throughout your lengths.  

While curly or coiled hair won’t benefit from brushing while dry, you can take a wide tooth comb to your mane while it’s wet in the shower to gently detangle and separate curls. Saturate your strands with conditioner first to get a smooth comb-through and minimum breakage. 

Change how you shampoo and condition

For ultimate scalp health, it’s important to wash your hair just the right amount. Most hair care professionals recommend washing every two to three days, although the correct amount can vary depending on the person. 

If you’re wondering how to take care of scalp concerns with the hair care products you have at home, switching up the way you wash can be an easy improvement. Make sure you’re massaging shampoo into the scalp thoroughly to get rid of any dirt and debris.   

Consider using dry shampoo a few times a week to avoid overwashing your hair. Just add a few spritzes of dry shampoo to freshen up and deal with any excess oil between washes. This is a great hair care for dry scalp trick, as it allows your scalp to stay moist without your hair looking greasy. 

Try a hair oil

If your scalp is feeling dry, using hair oil to give yourself a scalp treatment is a simple choice. But what does a scalp treatment do? The goal of an oil treatment is to deeply nourish the scalp and add glow and shine to your hair. The Extraordinary Oil Coconut Treatment Hair Oil is a great choice to restore nutrients. To target hair damage, the Extraordinary Oil Extra Rich Treatment is our go-to choice, enriched with 6 precious flower oils for soft, lustrous locks. 

Avoid touching your hair

Touching your hair is fine when you’re adding accessories or styling it, but when it becomes a habit throughout the day, it can throw off the moisture balance of your scalp. It can be tricky if you’re dealing with a dry and itchy head, but for good scalp care, try to keep touching your hair to a minimum. 

Use less heat (washing, drying, styling)

If you’re noticing some issues with your scalp, do your best to keep it cool. Washing your hair with hot water or using a high temperature on heating devices like blow dryers, straighteners and curlers can throw off your scalp moisture balance. It can also damage hair strands, leaving them dry and frizzy. For scalp care, turn down the heat and reach for heat styling tools less frequently. 

Use the right products 

At your next trip to the pharmacy, pick up hair treatments that address your unique scalp care concerns. If you’re struggling with dandruff, a specialised shampoo will work wonders to restore scalp health. For long, damaged hair, try the Dream Lengths No Hair Cut Cream Leave-In Treatment. Made with nourishing keratin, vitamins and castor oil, it protects against breakage and hydrates the scalp. 

Scalp massage

Scalp massages are taking the internet by storm for their circulation-stimulating abilities. Using your fingers or a scalp massage tool, scrub your scalp and give it some extra TLC. This helps to stimulate the hair follicle and remove any oil or dirt that may have been causing blockages. Do it during your hair wash for a two-in-one addition to your scalp care routine.  

Protect from sun

Just like the rest of our skin, the scalp needs to be protected from harsh UV rays. When the sun is beating down, the top of our heads is the first place it hits. Excessive sun exposure can dry out the scalp or even leave you with a nasty burn. To avoid this, stay in the shade or toss on a sun hat on those roasting hot days. 

Lessen lightening or colouring processes 

Excessive lightening and colouring processes can harm your scalp. The chemicals in these products can take away the natural vitamins and moisture on your scalp - so if you do dye your hair, make sure to use a protectant product like the Colour Protect Purple 10 in 1 Leave In Spray to prevent damage and strengthen colour treated hair. 

When it comes down to it, scalp care is the key to long and luscious hair, and it’s a necessary part of a good self care routine. Keep an eye out for any scalp issues that may arise, and feel confident that you have the means to treat them. 

Liked our scalp care guide, but not quite sure where to start with your hair care routine? Diagnose your hair concerns with our personalised quiz.

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