How to Get Rid of Sleep Lines

Who would have thought that getting your 8 hours of required beauty sleep would eventually lead to crease lines on your face? Surely this is some kind of cruel joke! Sleep lines, or sleep wrinkles, are in the same family as expression lines and come for us all eventually. Which is why we’ve made a plan to tackle sleep lines head-on and learn how to help prevent them today.

What are Sleep Lines?

As we age, our skin loses elasticity which is caused by the breakdown of the dermis – the deeper layer of skin tissue that lies underneath our epidermis. This breakdown happens around 45 to 50 years of age, creating the ideal environment for sleep lines, or sleep wrinkles, to set in and really leave their mark. More specifically, these sleep wrinkles are caused by the folds created on the front or side of your face from the weight of your head to your pillow.

When we’re younger, we don’t need to worry as much about pillow lines on our face because our skin is naturally more firm. However, on mature skin, these sleep lines on our face accentuate over time and leave a permanent trace in horizontal, vertical and even diagonal lines. So, how do we prevent this from happening? 

Prevent Sleep Wrinkles

Sleeping on our back is a sure fire way to reduce the appearance of sleep lines on our face. But most of us find it really hard to sleep in this position and despite how hard we try, our bodies will move in the night, often without us realising. More preventative (and attainable) methods include wearing a protective night-cap or headrest, paired with a moisturiser. If you’re hunting for a restorative and nourishing solution, look no further than the Revitalift Classic Night Cream   – enriched with Advanced Pro-Retinol to help stimulate skin cell regeneration while you sleep.

Further to this, you can try sleeping on silk sheets to reduce the formation of sleep wrinkles. Silk sheets add an extra note of luxury to your sleep routine and are beneficial because silk does not mark the skin, unlike polyester and cotton. If you don’t want to purchase a brand new sheet set, opt for a silk pillowcase or simply wrap your pillow in a silk scarf instead!

Treat Sleep Wrinkles

Facial expression lines from a lifetime of smiling and frowning look the same to the untrained eye, however according dermatologists, are very different to sleep lines. Because of this difference, each require their own method of care. 

To address sleep lines on the face we’d like to introduce you to your new best friend: Hyaluronic acid! There are many benefits to products where hyaluronic acid is the key ingredient, like in our Revitalift Filler Hyaluronic Acid 1.5% HA Serum. After frequent use, you’ll notice a visible reduction in your sleep wrinkles as your skin enjoys increased moisture and retains youthful elasticity and tone. 

Using any of these tips will have you saying goodbye to sleep lines before the long lasting damage sinks in. We also recommend adopting an anti-ageing skin care routine to best preserve your youthfulness with enhanced hydration!