How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

FUN FACT: Experts recommend cleaning makeup brushes weekly to avoid nasty build-up of breakout-causing bacteria. Can’t remember the last time you gave your brushes a little TLC? Don't panic! These five quick and easy tips will get you into the routine.

Step One: Wet Your Brushes
Wet brushes with lukewarm water, making sure they’re soaked all the way through.

Step Two: Shampoo
Place a small amount (about the size of a 5c piece) of shampoo into the palm of your hands.

Step Three: Massage
Gently swirl the bristles into the palm of your hand, ensuring you massage the shampoo right through the brush head.

Step Four: Rinse and Squeeze
Rinse under lukewarm water, using your fingers to separate the bristles, until water runs clear. If it’s been a while between cleans, you may need to repeat step two and three again. Once clean, use a towel to squeeze out any excess moisture.

Step Five: Reshape and Dry
Use the towel and your fingers to gently reshape your brushes, then leave to air dry.
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