How to Care for Natural Grey Hair

Everyone’s grey hair journey is different, with lots of influential factors such as genetics and hair type. However, there’s one thing that’s true for everyone: embracing your natural grey hair can be both empowering and beautiful. It can be tempting to stick to your tried and tested hair care routine, but changing hair requires you to change it up and use products for grey hair to keep your strands looking bright and luminous.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about grey hair care, from what changes to expect in your locks to which hair treatments to use for the best results. Keep reading to learn why hair goes grey, why grey hair can end up with yellow tones and more.

The benefits of embracing natural grey hair

While there are an abundance of methods of how to hide grey hairs, we’re here to focus on the benefits of letting your silver hair shine through. Hair turns silver or grey when your hair follicles stop producing melanin. This can happen gradually over years, or more quickly if many follicles stop melanin production around the same time. So, why the change and when will it happen? Hair can turn grey for some people as young as 30, while it can take significantly longer for others. The difference mostly comes down to genetics, but it can also be associated with high stress levels. Once you decide to grow out your grey hair, patience and care is key. Depending on your style and how fast your hair grows, the process can take over a year. By learning to enjoy the journey and taking good care of your hair along the way, you’ll set yourself up for a healthy, shining grey hair look.

How does grey hair differ from other shades?

Understanding the key differences between grey hair and other shades is the first step in learning how to look after grey hair. Blonde, brunette and dark shades all contain varying levels of melanin, which grey hair doesn’t. When your hair loses melanin, its texture changes to be a little coarser and prone to frizz. Hair can also get drier because scalp oil production slows down. The good news is that the increased coarseness also tends to lend additional body and shape to the hair.

How to care for grey hair

Going grey changes more than just your hair’s appearance, it also changes your hair care needs. Here are a few of our top grey hair tips to help keep your locks strong, hydrated, bright and in overall peak condition.

Understand your hair texture

As we mentioned above, your hair texture may have changed since going grey. It’s important to take a moment to reassess your hair and figure out whether its dominant characteristic are coarse, frizzy or fine to help you find products to best suit your needs.

Apply a toner to keep the greys bright

Grey and silver hair can be prone to unwanted yellow tones caused by coming into contact with pollutants, minerals in water, sunscreen, skincare and more. That’s why using a purple shampoo is a great option to balance these unwanted tones and keep your hair looking bright and luminous.

We recommend using our Colour Protect Purple Shampoo once or twice a week, followed by our Colour Protect Purple Conditioner. These specialist colour correcting formulas will neutralise yellow tones while nourishing your hair.

Cover up in the sun

Grey and silver hair can be quite transparent, creating an increased risk of sunburn on your scalp. Fortunately, you can easily protect yourself by wearing a brimmed hat or cap when you’re going to be out in the sun.

Protect your hair while sleeping

At home hair care for grey hair extends to your sleeping habits too! Similarly to curly hair, grey hair’s coarser texture can mean it snags on your pillow cases and becomes prone to tangles while you sleep. Wake up with smooth, protected locks by switching to a silk or satin pillowcase.

Limit your use of hot styling tools

Your hair will become more sensitive to damage from heat styling after going grey, so we recommend trying to let your hair air dry as much as possible. When you do need to use blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons, be cautious and always use a leave-in heat protectant.

If your grey hair is in need of some TLC, try using our Colour Protect Deep Purple Mask. This ultra-rich grey hair rinse-out treatment is designed to leave grey hair feeling soft and looking bright and beautiful.

Find a hairstyle that suits you and your hair

Going grey doesn’t lock you into a particular hair style. Working with your hairdresser to find a hairstyle that gels with your personality and your (perhaps changed) hair texture will help you feel like yourself and simplify your daily styling process.

Has your hair been lacking moisture? Read our next article Hair Hydration Tips for Dry and Dehydrated Hair to learn how to help.

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