Say No to Dull-Looking Skin

There’s no escaping the ageing process — growing older and wiser should be something that we’re proud of! However, with age comes new skin care changes and challenges. If we can fight the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, why not fight the loss of radiance too? Let’s talk about how to get rid of dull skin!


Once we approach the age of 50, the biological condition of our skin alters, due to hormonal changes associated with menopause. Skin appears less toned and hydrated, wrinkles become more apparent and the epidermis is significantly thinner. These problems lie with cell renewal, which diminishes immensely around age 50. Minimised cell renewal causes a drop in collagen and elastin production, as well as the slowing down of micro-circulation. Our skin receives fewer nutrients that are essential to the vitality of cells, and the colour component of our skin also decreases. This makes our skin become pale, and it loses its natural pink blush as our complexion fades.


It’s pretty simple, really—mature skin has very different needs to young skin. Mature skin loses more water, and therefore needs to compensate by restoring its lipid layer. Cell renewal must also be stimulated in order to regain radiance and a glowy appearance. When it comes to brightening skin care, we must look for products that hydrate and retain moisture, whilst also triggering cell growth. 


Dryness is very often the leading cause of dull face skin. On that note, it’s important to keep your skin sufficiently hydrated, especially as seasons and weather fluctuate throughout the year. Use a daily moisturiser in the morning and at night, straight after cleansing, to ensure your skin is consistently hydrated and looking its best. Try the Revitalift Filler Hyaluronic Acid Revolumising Day Cream, which is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Fibroxyl Plant Extract, to fill lines, replump skin and firm up your contours. The Age Perfect Cell Renewal Revitalising Day Cream SPF15 contains Black Truffle Extract and fermented Black Tea—perfect for stimulating skin cell renewal and protecting against harmful UV rays. Both of these moisturisers will lock in hydration and ensure your skin looks radiant!


Over time, the buildup of dead skin cells and impurities can cause skin to appear dull—no one wants that! Regular exfoliation will give your skin the brightening boost it needs. How often you exfoliate depends on your skin type, but generally, you’ll want to exfoliate three times a week. We recommend the Revitalift Laser X3 Anti-Age Glycolic Peel Pads, which are enriched with Glycolic Acid to remove dead skin cells, reduce wrinkles and unify skin tone. The pads are double-sided offering both strong and soft exfoliation levels, leaving skin rebalanced and healthy.


Under-eye shadows can take a real toll on your complexion, whether you haven’t been getting enough sleep or are simply cursed with the appearance of dark circles. We have good news—you can tackle dark shadows and circles with a brightening eye cream. The Age Perfect Cell Renewal Regenerating Eye Serum is enriched with Caffeine to visibly deflate eye bags, reduce dark circles and provide a cooling effect around the eye contour. After using this eye serum, you’ll be left with a brighter, younger-looking complexion.


To counteract the loss of firmness and radiance, try using anti-ageing products that tackle multiple challenges of mature skin. Look for powerhouse anti-ageing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, Glycolic Acid, Vitamin C and Resveratrol. Skin care products that contain these ingredients will help to stimulate collagen production, boost cell renewal for balanced facial volume, and fight the problems of dry and dehydrated skin. Try the Revitalift Filler Pure 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum, which combines two forms of pure Hyaluronic Acid to rehydrate and smooth the skin, plump out wrinkles and retain the skin’s own moisture. Apply daily—morning and night—onto cleansed skin around the face and neck. Say farewell to that grey, lifeless look! 

By following these brightening skin care tips, you’ll learn how to get rid of dull skin in no time. We’ve talked a lot about anti-ageing creams, so head on over to our article Anti-Ageing Creams: Fact or Fiction for common myths and truths about these moisturisers!