Natural Glowy Makeup Tutorial

You don’t need an 8-step makeup routine to  achieve/get that all-day-long glow. One of the best ways to stay on top of your skincare game is to combine steps with skincare-infused makeup. If you want that coveted natural everyday makeup look, you can enlist the help of a skin tint, some trusty BB and CC creams, and your go-to makeup staples – blush, bronzer, highlighter and a glow-giving lippy. Go from barefaced to luminous with this easy ‘no makeup’ makeup look tutorial.

What is the natural glow makeup look?

The natural glowy makeup look is the  recurring trend that just keeps on giving. It’s all about producing a “barely there” makeup appearance, allowing natural freckles to shine through a lightweight skin tint, using neutral (or zero) eyeshadow, some blush, bronzer and a highlighter to pull the look together. While some swear by their trusty highlighter to harness dewy skin, others sing praise of their antioxidant-rich skincare routines. What all glowy looks have in common is the mix of makeup products that are often found hidden in the corners of your beauty bag. Ahead, learn the basic formula for achieving a glowy ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

Natural everyday makeup look tutorial

There are some who say glowy skin wasn’t made in a day, and others who are privy to the secrets of creating an instant glowy bronze makeup look. Ahead, discover the L'Oréal Paris guide to achieving that sought-after glowy bronze appearance that has beauty enthusiasts buzzing:

Step 1: Skincare and glow enhancer
Step 2: Base building
Step 3: Blush, bronze and highlight
Step 4: Eyes and brows
Step 5: Lips.

What comes next? The glowy bronze makeup look you’ve been dreaming of.

Step 1: Skincare and glow enhancer

When curating your skincare routine, seek out antioxidant-rich ingredients to brighten the skin – like niacinamide or vitamin C, for example. Keep in mind that your skin type may not be compatible with certain ingredients, so  be sure to complete ample research and patch-test products.

After cleansing, applying oils and serums, moisturiser, and SPF, it’s time to get acquainted with a natural glow enhancer. Our top pick is which instantly illuminates and hydrates for an all-over fresh and glowy bronze makeup look. Enriched with Shea Butter and luminous pearls, Glotion provides a natural looking glow and a brighter complexion.

Step 2: Base building

You can build your natural everyday makeup look base using your favourite formula: tinted serum, BB cream or CC cream. Here are our picks:

Tinted serum: You can use True Match Nude Tinted Serum for an ultra-natural, sheer base – no foundation needed. This lightweight serum’s new formula is infused with 1% pure hyaluronic acid to visibly plump the skin and correct imperfections. Acting as a makeup-skincare combo, it hydrates like a serum and provides coverage like a foundation. With 10 flexible shades to blend onto different skin tones, it exudes a natural and true-to-skin finish for a ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

CC cream: A valuable addition for visibly correcting the appearance of redness, blemishes and under-eye circles. Containing mineral pigments and formulated with Vitamin B5 and E, C’est Magic CC Cream, offers a natural, matte finish to a barely-there makeup look – ideal for those with oily or blemish-prone skin. Apply to areas of your face as required and blend the light formula into the skin for a flawless finish.

BB cream: Transform your skin to reveal your best glowy complexion. Lighter in coverage than standard foundations, yet thicker than a tinted moisturiser, C’est Magic BB Cream is our ultra-lightweight BB cream that combines skincare and makeup to reveal an even, flawless-looking complexion. The vitamin-infused formula adapts to skin tone, for a natural make-up result all day long. Enriched with glycerine and fig extracts, expect up to 24 hours of ‘I woke up like this’ natural makeup look energy.

Next, apply a lighter True Match Concealer under the eyes, nose bridge, and between eyebrows. Buff and blend with a brush for dewy skin.

Pro tip: if you desire extra coverage or prefer a natural foundation finish you can , sub-in True Match Liquid Foundation.

Step 3: Blush, bronze and highlight

Next, dazzle with blush, bronzer and highlighter (in that order). Of course, you don’t need to include all three in your repertoire, especially if you’re going for a minimal makeup look. However, if you’re looking to add colour, definition or emulate a natural makeup glow, these products are worth trying.

  • To add a flush of natural colour to the cheeks, reach for blush. Apply it directly to the apples of the cheeks and cheekbones.
  • For a more sunkissed glow, you can apply bronzer to the cheekbones and brow, jawline and other contours of the face. Simply use your makeup brush to blend the tones for a smooth colour transition that naturally accentuates your face.
  • As for highlighter – you can use a light hand to achieve a natural look. Start with a small amount of product and gradually build it up until you have the glow you’re after. Our best tip? Don’t overdo it! You can always apply more later.

Step 4: Eyes and brows

For a natural eyeshadow makeup look, use softer shades and don’t blend too heavily. Neutral shades like brown, tan and beige work best, as do matte or slightly shimmery finishes. As for your brows – you can get a more natural look by brushing them upwards with a spoolie before and after filling in your brows and choosing a colour that’s closest to your natural brow with the right undertone (that’s warm, cool or neutral). Done already? It’s time for some lipwork.

Step 5: Lips

Last on your natural glow makeup agenda is our fan-favourite balm-in-lipstick, which comes in 10 shades to suit all kinds of skin and lip tones and hydrates and protects even the most sensitive lips. Simply apply your favourite shade of the Glow Paradise Balm-In-Lipstick to your lips and build the colour as desired.

Complete your look with a setting spray to lock all your hard work into place and enjoy the all-day glow!

Now that you know how to get the glowy ‘no makeup’ makeup look, you can discover the perfect makeup products for your skin type via our Virtual Try On Tool.

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