Guide to Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

A Complete Guide to Colouring Your Hair with Semi-Permanent Hair Colour

Going from one shade of hair colour to the next can feel exhilarating, fun and a little scary (and sometimes all at the same time). If you’re thinking about changing your look, semi-permanent hair dye is a great way to experiment with a new colour that gives you the flexibility to wash out over time. Below you’ll find a complete guide to colouring your hair with semi-permanent hair dye, including care tips, a comparison with other temporary hair colours and an exploration into our best semi-permanent hair colours available. 

What is Semi-Permanent Hair Colour?

Semi-permanent hair dye is known for being a gentler alternative to permanent colours which often contain higher levels of ammonia or peroxide. Because of this, they do have a shorter life span and last for about eight wash cycles – as long as you’re using the right shampoo and conditioner systems for your colour-treated locks.  Semi-permanent colours don’t require any development or pre-mixing because they’re typically ammonia and peroxide free, so you can easily apply it directly to your hair using the applicator.

How Does Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Differ from the Rest?

There is a plethora of different hair colour formulas to choose from, and semi-permanent hair dyes are just one of the many methods we use to transform our appearance. Here’s how they compare with one another: 

What is Demi-Permanent Hair Colour?

Demi-permanent hair colour is the next natural progression from its semi-permanent colouring counterpart. Typically, demi-permanent hair colours have an ammonia-free formula that contains a hydrogen peroxide developer. This formulation means that the hair dye will partially penetrate your hair strands, creating a longer-lasting colour that lasts for approximately 24 shampoos. Because they wash out over time, demi-permanent hair colours are a great option for colour fanatics who love a regular makeover once every 6 weeks or so. 

Permanent Hair Dyes

Moving away from non-permanent dyes brings us to the final frontier of hair colour – permanent hair colouring. As the name suggests, these dyes are permanent and do not wash out over time, unlike the semi-permanent and demi-permanent colouring options. They work by depositing pigment to lighten, darken or add a beautiful reflective undertone while lightening your hair at the same time. If you’re committed to a new vibrant pigment and want to rock fade-defying locks, permanent hair dyes will be for you.

When is Semi-Permanent Hair Colour Best for Me

Alongside being kinder to hair, semi-permanent colouring will be your hair’s new best friend when you’re interested in a temporary way to try a new colour. They also add gloss and shine to dull-looking hair without stripping away the natural colour of your hair strands. 

How to Use Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

As we recommended earlier, specially formulated shampoo and conditioning packages will make sure your semi-permanent hair dye really last the eight-wash distance. To enhance your experience and your locks, there are a few other steps you can take which we’ve listed below: 

Step 1: Complete an Allergy Test

Preparation and care are key to getting the best out of your semi-permanent hair colour. Before you get to dying your hair, you will need to complete an allergy alert test 48 hours prior to use.

Step 2: Apply the Semi-Permanent Dye

Ready, set, transformation time! Now it’s time to apply the hair dye. After opening the box, first read the instructions and wear the enclosed gloves prior to application. rinse, style and embrace your gorgeous new hue.

Take Care of Your Newly Coloured Hair

Your brand spanking new colour will last for about eight washes, depending on the texture of your hair. If you decide halfway through that you want to go back to your original hue, or try a completely different shade, you can speed up the natural fading process by using a colour remover

Love your new look? Well, you’ll definitely want to make it last for as long as possible, so read on to learn how to take care of your newly-dyed hair. 

Hair Care Tip #1: Use a Colour Protecting Shampoo System

Using a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner will fight the fade and make sure your locks retain their new colour for as long as possible. For added protection and luxurious nourishment for blonde, highlighted or bleached hair we recommend applying our Colour Protect Deep Purple Mask.

Hair Care Tip #2: Shower with Lukewarm Water

We know as well as you do how luxurious a steaming hot shower can be. But did you know the hot water can strip your hair of the nourishing natural oils and pigments to fade colour faster? There’s a quick fix however, simply lower the temperature and you’ll prolong your colour and nourish your hair both at the same time. 

Hair Care Tip #3: Switch to Air-Drying

Send your blow-dryer on annual leave and switch to air-drying your strands to extend the colouring of semi-permanent dyes. In doing so you’ll not only retain vibrancy but minimise the added dryness that sometimes comes from overly blow-drying. 

Now that you know all about semi-permanent hair colour, check out our Beauty Magazine for more stunning hair styling inspo.