What Is Self-Worth & Why Is It So Important?

Self-esteem, self-respect, self-love, self-care, self-acceptance – chances are, you’ve heard these terms before. They may sound similar, but each one has its own unique meaning and purpose. These terms describe how we think of ourselves, how we feel about ourselves, and how we treat ourselves. This brings us to self-worth – the most important “self-“ concept of them all. You are beautiful and unique in your own way, and we thought it was of the utmost importance to discuss self-worth, the importance of loving yourself and how to build self-esteem.


Self-worth is defined as an internal state of being that comes from self-understanding, self-love and self-acceptance. It’s directly linked to how much you value yourself, regardless of what others say or feel. Your self-worth isn’t meant to change daily like the weather – it is steady, unflinching and can transform your life for the better, as long as you’re in the right headspace.

Having a strong sense of self-worth means that you accept yourself wholeheartedly, despite your flaws, imperfections and weaknesses. Know your value, girl! You are ALWAYS worth it.


The key to understanding self-worth is realising why it’s so important to have, and how it can change the way we live our everyday lives.

If you have a high level of self-worth, you will view yourself favourably and have the utmost faith that you can set and achieve your goals. More importantly, you will tell yourself (and genuinely believe!) that you deserve good things. We all have those low moments, when we give ourselves a hard time, but it’s so important to know that we’re deserving of happiness, good health, wealth, success, love – the list goes on. Through the good days and the bad days, the setbacks and the wins, you should always want the best for yourself.

Having self-worth is also linked to having a strong sense of confidence. Others’ negative opinions and feedback shouldn’t dull your shine! Have faith in yourself and all the amazing traits you possess. Don’t let that rude customer or filtered social media influencer change the way you see yourself.

YOU are the most significant factor in how you feel about yourself and your life. Always treat yourself kindly!


If you’re wondering how to improve self-worth and how to build your self-esteem, look no further. We could write a novel (or a very, very long article) on all the ways to make yourself feel amazing, but we’ll narrow it down to a few helpful tips here.

As we mentioned before, give yourself some love! Self-compassion is allowed – it’s never selfish to look after yourself and love who you are. Take pride in the small wins you have each day, and always celebrate your achievements. 

Even on those days when you want to nap on the couch, binge-watch Netflix and apply a face mask, try to get moving and be active. Your energy and happiness levels will instantly increase, and we promise you’ll feel better about yourself.

Challenge your way of thinking, don’t be afraid to express yourself and always accept compliments! Believe the kind things you hear about yourself, and fight the urge or impulse to deny them or shrug them off.

Hopefully by now, you are understanding self-worth and its importance to our mental health. If you are still questioning how to build self-esteem, check out our 5 Activities For Building Self-Worth!