Know Your Worth

70% of women experience thoughts of self-doubt every day. It’s time we changed that. As L’Oréal Paris celebrates 50 years of its iconic tagline, ‘Because I’m Worth It’ it's time to reignite the conversation and urge Australian women to silence their inner critic and recognise their worth. L’Oréal Paris are proud to come together with Australian role models, Jessica Mauboy, Ellyse Perry, Rosie Batty and Poh Ling Yeow who are powering the ‘Know Your Worth’ message to remind all Australian women that they are and always will be worth it.

Meet the incredible women sharing their stories of self-worth:

L'Oréal Paris Woman Of Worth: Jess Mauboy

“I grew up with my mum’s L'Oréal Products in the bathroom, but this campaign is about so much more than beauty products. It’s about telling our stories and being vulnerable with our struggles”


L'Oréal Paris Know Your Worth


Marie Claire to launch our Know Your Worth Campaign and support our Women of Worth Jessica Mauboy, Ellyse Perry, Rosie Batty, Poh Ling Yeow. They reveal their journey to self-worth in the hope of helping others find theirs.

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