Hair looks thicker wash after wash. Fibrology helps to expand the hair fibre* *Instrumental tests on bleached hair after 5 uses of shampoo & conditioner.

THE THICKENING SHAMPOO The latest in hair thickening technology. Specially developed with Filloxane to help increase the hair's diameter*, the formula provides deep cleansing whilst giving you luxuriouslooking body & bounce. THE THICKENING CONDITIONER A light formula containing Filloxane, that helps thicken hair* while leaving it feeling nourished and weightless. THE MASQUE Designed specifically for its texturising & nourishing properties, this formula will maximise the thickening effect of the Fibrology Shampoo & Thickness Booster. THE THICKNESS BOOSTER An intensive thickening formula with our highest concentration of Filloxane, 5%, to maximise Fibrology's thickening potential. The booster should be mixed with the same amount of conditioners as you would normally use before working through the lengths of your hair. THE DOUBLE SERUM This leavein conditioner is comprised of 2 formulae that are kept in separate containers and mixed at the last minute to give a complete action on the hair fibre. 1/ A thickening serum enriched with Filloxane, which penetrates the hair fibre and helps increase its diameter from within*. 2/ A perfecting serum developed to smooth the surface of the fibre.

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