How to Pack Beauty Products for Travel

Whether you’re travelling for work or leisure, knowing what to pack for a trip can often cause confusion. At least one important beauty item inevitably seems to get left behind, and it can be difficult to replace tried-and-true products in unfamiliar places. However, with some planning and the right products, it is possible to nail your pack so you’re never stuck without a beauty essential again. Ahead, we’ve rounded up our best travel makeup tips, including how to pack beauty products for travel and the best in-flight skincare for glowing and hydrated skin. Read on to pack perfectly from here on out.

Choosing the right beauty products for travel

It can be tempting to pack every beauty product you own when heading on a trip. Everything can seem essential to maintaining your beauty routine while away, but by choosing products strategically, you can travel light without sacrificing on skincare, makeup or haircare. To avoid packing mistakes, follow these travel beauty tips. 

The must haves for in-flight skincare

Airplane travel can wreak havoc on complexions, thanks to the cabin air which draws out moisture from skin. To protect from dryness and sensitivity, it’s important to prepare for this form of skin-stress with the right in-flight skincare.  On-board skincare routines needn’t be multi-step. Hyaluronic acid adds a hydrating boost to skin to help achieve a plumper, smoother appearance. Wear for 15 minutes before massaging any remaining serum into the skin for extra absorption. Follow up with the Filler Replumping Night Cream to further enhance hydration and seal in your skincare. 

How to pack skincare for travel

You want to keep your skin as supported while travelling as you do when home. We recommend a minimised routine – focusing on the essentials and products that address any stressors of your destination. In terms of how to travel with skincare, a 3-step routine is usually all you’ll need. 

1. A hydrating cleanser like Filler Hyaluronic Acid Cleanser is ideal for travelling, as it is optimal for both morning and evening use, alleviating the need for multiple cleansers. 
2. Moisturiser is essential in all climates. To keep skin hydrated and protected at the same time, opt for a moisturiser with SPF included. The Laser X3 SPF15 Day Cream visibly softens and evens skin, with SPF 15 to protect against UV. 
3. Night cream Filler Replumping Night Cream replenishes moisture lost at night, so you’ll wake up with skin looking bouncy and bright. 

How to pack beauty products for travel 

Travelling can often mean long and active days. As such, your regular foundation might not be suited to your destination’s weather and activities. If travelling to a warm location, serum foundations are multi-functional products that keep skin hydrated and glowing. True Match Nude Tinted Serum provides a natural looking finish for your base makeup while working as a serum to help benefit your skin. 

Switching your regular mascara to a waterproof formula keeps you prepared for hot days, rainy weather or activities like hiking or sightseeing. Waterproof Volume Million Lashes Mascara contains an anti-clump wiper that adds volume and definition without overloading your lashes.

Our favourite travel beauty tips for haircare

Shampoo and conditioner bottles are notorious culprits of suitcase spillage, so you may want to avoid packing them. For shorter trips, wash your hair the day before you commence travelling and pack hair products that keep hair looking healthy between washes. Our favourite travel hair products are:

The Magic Retouch Temporary Root Concealer Spray which covers root growth and seamlessly blends into the lengths of your hair. 

Colour Protect Purple 10 in 1 Leave In Spray works as a heat and humidity protectant, makes detangling easier, and adds hydration for shine. 

If you’ll be travelling for a while and need to bring your regular shampoo and conditioner with you, transfer your products into travel size bottles, and secure them in a zip-lock bag. Not only is suitcase space-saver, but it also reduces the risk of product spilling onto your clothes.

Our travel checklist for all your beauty essentials

Must have travel beauty products are all about sticking to essentials and packing for the destination. To ensure your skin stays radiant and suitcase free of mishaps, follow our travel beauty tips:
Pack multi-use makeup products where possible.
Pair back your skincare to the basics – like cleanser, day cream, night cream and sunscreen.
Pack travel-sized versions of your beauty products or dispense what you need into smaller toiletry bottles (this also allows you to bring products in your carry-on bags!).


Now you’re ready to pack for a holiday with all our must have travel beauty products, check out our summer beauty tips to prepare for a warm destination or the sunny months.  

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