French Beauty Rituals, Decoded

French girl style is shrouded in mystique. You can’t quite put your finger on it. It’s timeless yet trendy, effortless yet glamorous. Recreate that je ne sais quoi Parisian aesthetic with these three simple beauty tips.

Fake it til you make it
It’s a rumour that French women don’t wear foundation. Many don’t leave home without it, they just pretend it’s all natural. First lesson in French style is making your look seem accidental by keeping your base dewy and lightweight. Infallible Pro Glow or Age Perfect Foundation both work beautifully.

Messy hair

Try brushing your tresses before bed for extra va-va-voom as soon as you wake up. Then add some carefully organised chaos with Stylista Beach Wave Mist for a laissez-faire windswept hairstyle with texture and extra volume.

Lipstick as blush
red lip is essential. It’s the ultimate symbol of femininity in France. To make sure your lipstick doesn't budge, apply Infallible Lip Liner as a base. Colour Riche in 234 Satin Brick is a bold, classic colour to apply on top.

For an authentic ‘French Kiss’ look, smooth lipstick on quickly so the edges are slightly blurred. Afterwards, dab gently with your fingertips for a muted look and apply that leftover lippie to the apples of your cheeks. Et voila! Just remember not to tell anyone your secrets.