A Guide To French Beauty Habits

From Jeanne Demas to Sabina Socol, French beauties always look effortlessly put together. Whether it’s perfectly tousled hair, stylish outfits or luminous skin, French beauty habits are highly sought after – but the methods are still somewhat shrouded in mystery.

The French beauty routine is all about enhancing features and refining your natural beauty with a focus on self-care. If you’ve long wondered which French makeup products to use to achieve a certain je ne sais quoi, look no further. We’ve compiled the best French skincare and beauty tips to attain that Parisian aesthetic with minimal effort.

French skincare habits

At the heart of French beauty are radiance-boosting skincare regimes. The true canvas is your natural skin, and by taking care of it properly you’ll achieve luminosity without needing to rely heavily on makeup. By consistently eating well, drinking water and using skincare products specific to your needs, you’ll have the ideal French skincare routine locked down.

Natural ingredients

Repeat after us – ingredients matter most. Alongside your diet, the inclusion of efficacious vitamins and hydrating ingredients will do the most for your skin’s vitality. If you’ve noticed that the French prioritise looking healthy over airbrushed, it’s because natural vitality plays a huge part in French idea of beauty. To maintain glowing skin, cleanse impurities as the first step. Our Filler Hyaluronic Acid Cleanser includes deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid to plump and nourish skin. Always finish with sunscreen – Australian skin is under more pressure from UV radiation, so it’s vital that you protect your inner glow with consistent and daily application.

Morning and evening routines

Because French beauty skincare is minimal, each step plays a crucial role. By being decisive about which products you apply, your skin will receive exactly what it needs. Part of this is separate routines for morning and evening. A sunscreen-infused day moisturiser like Classic Day Cream SPF15 protects youthful looking skin against daytime stressors. At night, our skin is more receptive, which provides an ideal opportunity for targeted ingredients. Using an evening serum and moisturiser like Retinol-infused Laser X3 Pure Retinol Night Serum and Classic Collagen Night Cream will replenish your skin and allow you to wake up with your best foot forward.

French makeup habits

French favourite beauty products are enhancing yet moderate, and work in unison with your natural complexion. There are a few key components of the French beauty routine that achieve an effortless aesthetic – one major differentiation between other beauty habits is the preference to highlight rather than contour. On top of everything, always remember that what makes you look and feel best is the right approach to go for. For the French, beauty is unique – so celebrate and uplift your own features in the way that you’d like.

Enhance one feature

One of the most noted French beauty habits is the choice to have a single defining element in each look. Whether it be a red lip or a smoky eye, enhancing one feature plays into the effortless, minimal aesthetic so synonymous with French beauty ideals. The Color Riche Lipstick range includes classic and timeless tones like the ultra-radiant Color Riche Classic Lipstick in 233 Taffeta, or the paired-back Color Riche Classic Satin Nude 173 Impertinent. To elevate your eyes, opt for a smoky liner. The Infallible 36H Gel Automatic Liner in Intense Black is perfect for this. Its easy to apply and comes with a built in smudger to create that perfect lived in look.

Minimal application

In alignment with healthy looking, glowing skin, favourite French beauty products provide minimal coverage and enhance rather than cover or change. Famously, the French beauty routine doesn’t include foundation – or does so very lightly. To exemplify French beauty, opt for nourishing tints over full-coverage formulas. L’Oréal Paris True Match Nude Tinted Serum includes hyaluronic acid to illuminate the skin and provide hydration throughout the day. One product to never leave out is mascara. Thicken your lashes with a Lash Serum, and then apply a few swipes of our femme fatale Paradise Mascara as the finishing touch of your French makeup look.

French haircare habits

Often associated with French beauty are stylish haircuts that frame the face. Bobs, bangs and layers add a sleek touch when paired with certain styling and care methods. To make sure your hairstyle is Parisian chic, stick to our French beauty habits ahead.

Nourished and healthy looking hair

For French women beauty is based in health and vitality – and hair is no exception. Alongside frequent haircuts to keep hair health optimised, French beauty also includes personalised hair care routines. Use shampoos and conditioners specific to your hair type and needs, and nourish your locks with a deep conditioning mask like the Extraordinary Oil Hair Mask to maintain shine and bounce.

Opt for texture

More so than blow waves, the French beauty routine tends to opt for texturised hairstyles. To achieve this, the method is minimally on-brand. Allow your hair to dry naturally, and use a hair oil like the Extraordinary Oil Floral Treatment Rose in-between to attain that lived-in, textured look.

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