The Best Eye Makeup for your Eye Shape

Whilst you may think that eye makeup application is a bit of a no-brainer, did you know that changing your technique according to your eye shape can make a world of difference? We often shop for jeans specifically made for our body type, to achieve a more flattering look. The same should apply when choosing your eye makeup for your eye shape! When you know how to play up one of your best features, your eyes will pop like never before. To help you achieve that (literally) eye-catching look, we’ve created a guide for knowing your eye shape and how to accentuate them like a pro!


In order to switch up your eye makeup technique, you’ll need to determine which eye shape you have. How you apply makeup to round eyes may differ from how you apply makeup to downturned eyes. Unsure which eye shape you have? Check out our list below.

Almond eyes. No surprise here—these are oval-shaped eyes with slightly upturned outer corners that resemble, well, almonds! Known for being super-symmetrical, almond eyes are often thought of as the universal shape that pairs well with just about everything.

Round eyes. Have a look in the mirror. If you can see your whole iris without it being covered by your top lid, then say hello to your big, beautiful round eyes.

Upturned eyes. These are almond eyes with a slight twist. Instead of having slightly upturned corners, upturned eyes have a more noticeable angle, making the lower lid appear to be larger than the upper lid.

Downturned eyes. The opposite of an upturned eye—this means the corners drop down for an upper lid that appears to be larger than the lower lid.

Monolid eyes. Think of these as creaseless beauties.

Hooded eyes. Have you ever wondered why you can’t visibly see your crease? When you have hooded eyes, the skin extending from your brow bone sags ever-so-slightly, concealing your crease.

Now that you have a better idea of your eye shape, it’s time to talk about what you can do to truly enhance them. Grab your favourite eye shadow palette and eyeliner—let’s begin!


Eye makeup is all the rage these days, which means there’s never been a better time to play around with your makeup products and bring out the most captivating feature on your face. The right eye shadow technique, paired with lid contouring, will really flatter your eyes. We’ve compiled our best tips for eye shadow application, based on eye shape.


With slightly lifted, super-symmetrical eyes, nearly any shade and style will look fabulous. Try a classic nude smokey eye, using a medium matte brown on your lid, paired with a slightly darker shade blended into your crease. This look will open your eyes and accentuate your almond shape. We recommend using the Colour Queen Mono Eye Shadow in Dignity – with only one swipe, this palette contains a creamy, flake free texture that blends like a dream!


Contouring your eyes is the secret to a stunning, defined look. For round eyes, apply a medium to dark shade over the centre of your lid, then highlight your inner and outer corners with a lighter shade. Attention will be drawn to the centre of your eye for an ultra-flattering look. 


Complement upturned eyes by applying a small amount of dark shadow or liner on the outer corner of your lower lash line. Next, apply a medium-toned shadow on your lid, followed by a subtle highlight on your brow bone. Avoid having a heavy hand when applying highlighter, as you want it to have the same (subtle) effect of natural light bouncing off your skin.


Enhance downturned eyes by shading them with natural colours that will brighten and open them. Use the Color Queen Mono Eye Shadow in Force—a neutral shade, formulated with fine oils for a creamy, flake-free texture. Helpful hint: Don’t blend your eye shadow too far above the crease, as it will look a bit messy on your eye shape.


The best way to add dimension to monolid eyes is by applying a gradient effect on your lids. Use darker colours near your lash line, gradually working upwards into a more shimmery tone under the brow. The Colour Queen Mono Eye Shadow palette has nineteen shades, allowing you to customise multiple eye looks—perfect for both day and night! Always remember to blend between colour transitions, whilst creating the ideal ombre effect.


Don’t rule out any makeup looks with this eye shape—just get a bit creative! Want to know the simple trick to making your eyes appear like they have more lid space? All you have to do is keep your brows well maintained, and bring your shadow all the way up to your brow bone.


Whether you’re wearing it on its own or layered with eye shadow, eyeliner is a fabulous final touch for taking your gaze to the next level. Before you go ahead and line your lids without any thought, take a look at our techniques for applying eyeliner for different eye shapes.

By now, you know that your eye shape pairs well with a variety of looks. To further enhance your upturned shape, try a classic cat-eye or wing-tip. Start thin around the inner corner, gradually getting thicker as you move towards the outer corner of your eye. Try the Superliner Perfect Slim in Intense Black to create the look—it’s a liquid liner with a flexible felt tip to help you achieve the perfect wing.

The key to making round eyes pop is emphasising the outer corners with a winged eyeliner that extends past the eyelid. We recommend starting your line at the highest peak of your eye, then working your way outwards to balance your rounded features. For the best winged eyeliner for round eyes, use the Matte Signature Eyeliner in Ink—don’t forget to follow up with a coat of mascara!

Upturned eyes look their best when the upper lid is exaggerated with eyeliner. Give a smudged eyeliner look a try, as this will lengthen your upper lid. Otherwise, opt for a bit of nude liner along your lash line and inner corners, as this will give the appearance of wide, brightened eyes. The Le Liner Signature Eye Liner in Gold Velvet is a neutral shade with intense, saturated pigments—and it’s also sweat-proof, transfer-proof and fade-proof for a full 24 hours!

Go for a lifted look by adding a little 45-degree flick at the end of your lash line. If a cat eye is slightly too dramatic for you, use a smudge brush to lightly blend out a thin line. This will add the perfect amount of definition to your upper and lower lash lines.

Have you ever heard of tightlining? This is the technique of lining your upper waterline—meaning the area inside the lash line. This lifts hooded eyes and makes them look bigger and more defined. When applying liner as close to your lash line as possible, you’ll also make your lashes appear fuller. 

Applying eyeliner to hooded eyes can get tricky, due to the way your upper lid droops over your crease. Firstly, make sure to keep your eyes open when you line them, as this will avoid any smudging or transferring. This is extremely key when trying to create a thick, bold wing, which is the best liner style for hooded eyes. Trace your bottom lash line closely, beginning around the middle of the eye, for upside-down definition that looks positively radiant!

Phew—that was a lot to cover! Understanding your eye shape can open up a world of possibilities when it comes to makeup application. Whether you have hooded eyes, round eyes, or anything in between, there’s a flattering technique for everyone. Next, let us fill you in on How to Find Your Perfection Foundation Shade.