Applying Mascara for Bottom Lashes

Whether you’re going bold and expressive or natural and dewy, mascara completes and enhances any makeup look. Volumising, magnifying and lengthening mascara provide different results, but can all be applied using the same fail-proof techniques.

If this iconic makeup products leaves you uncertain, worry no more. We’ve compiled the best mascara tips to give you confidence in achieving perfect lashes, every time. How you prep, the order of top and bottom lashes, and the style that you apply with all contribute to long-lasting and eye-catching results.

Mascara has the power to extend the eye area and draw attention. Never-fail mascara for eyelash extensions or natural are ahead. Your top and lower lashes will love you for it.

Lengthening mascara routine

After flawlessly applying foundation, bronzer and blush, mascara should be a simple and quick final step. Though it may appear so from the outset, there are right and wrong ways to apply this product. To ensure your finishing touch is free of clumping, residue or transferring, treat your top and bottom eyelashes with equal amounts of care. Lashes are powerful, but they are also fragile and can sometimes be sensitive. For the longest and fullest upper and bottom lashes, protective and nourishing formulas are key. Our 5-step routine ensures your doe-eyed or bold lash look remains intact the entire day.

1. Strengthen and prime lashes

Just like how the strengthening formulas in your skincare products transform the look and feel of skin, lash serums and primers can do the most to boost the natural state of your eyelashes.

Packed with hyaluronic acid, keratin and castor oil, Lash Serum conditions and fortifies, protecting the natural fullness of upper and lower lashes. Apply at the root before mascara in the morning and before bed at night, to make your eyelashes pop.

Then, for seamless swiping, apply Paradise Lash Primer to assist with the placement of mascara. A soft brush and nourishing formula containing jojoba oil and vitamins conditions both top and bottom lashes. This helps your volumising or lengthening mascara to slide on each lash, and protects their vitality.

2. Select your mascara

The best mascara for you depends on your goals – be it volume, length or definition. Whatever effect you’d like to achieve, the best mascara for bottom lashes is one that has a waterproof formula. As lower lashes tend to graze your under eye area throughout the day, using a waterproof mascara like Volume Million Lashes Mascara Waterproof ensures that the product stays put. For what to use above, our range of beautifying options are tailored to your preference:

  • For definition: Usually associated with paired-back, ‘no-makeup’ makeup looks, this style of separating each lash helps to enhance natural beauty. For clearly defined lashes, Telescopic Mascara coats each of your lashes separately and achieves up to 60% increased length.
  • For volume: Especially if your lashes are naturally fair and thin, a volumising mascara can deliver game-changing results. Paradise Mascara comes in black and brown and provides intense volume that works to prevent flaking or clumping. The feather-soft brush is angled to increase length and volume with a flawless finish.
  • For the ‘false lash’ effect: Sometimes limitless lashes that steal the show are the only answer. For bolder volume and length, a two-step mascara can offer extension-like lashes without having to commit to the actual fakes. Superstar Mascara increases the size of each lash with a white super sizing primer, before you use the ultra-black second brush.

3. Application technique for top and bottom lashes

Starting with your lower lash mascara, move the wand side-to-side in a ‘wiggling’ motion. Once pulled through, repeat the process until your bottom eyelashes have definition and length. For above, pull the mascara through with the same technique, alternating between swipes by blinking slowly as you move the wand up. This helps to curl your lashes and set the angle upwards.

4. Choose the right under eye concealer

Each skin type requires different formulas to properly hydrate and protect it. When selecting concealer, choose the right texture pertaining to your concerns and goals. This helps the product to blend and sit on skin effectively, so that only your lashes take centre stage. For oily and blemish-prone skin, Infallible More Than Concealer promotes a healthy skin texture and flawlessly covers imperfections. To target signs of ageing, Age Perfect Concealer is designed with a formula that won’t settle into fine lines or wrinkles.

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