6 Plumping Skincare Steps to Reduce Sagging

As we grow older, we can discover that wrinkles are no longer our only nuisance. Loss of definition can begin to occur, thanks to the sagging of previously taught skin. Supple, plump skin is the key to looking youthful, so what can we do to firm up our faces? Here are some easy anti-ageing fixes to help lift and tighten your complexion.


The epidermis is our skin’s top layer—our barrier against external aggresors. Below the epidermis lies the dermis. This layer of the skin is four times thicker than the epidermis and forms a resistant layer of elastin, collagen and proteins, which give the skin its elasticity and tone. As we age and our oestrogen levels decline (thank you menopause!), our collagen production slows and facial contours begin to change. Skin becomes thinner, and begins sagging and losing firmness, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. All of these factors come together to result in increased skin laxity, and softened areas of your face that were previously defined.

You may be thinking at this point that it’s too late to fix sagging skin. Think again! It’s never too late to prepare your skin for its future years, so try our Best Skin Care Routine for Ageing Skin. Your skin will be ready for whatever life throws at it.


If you’re wondering how to plump your skin, we’ve got you covered. Familiarise yourself with the benefits of using facial serums. A few drops of a highly concentrated skin serum can go a long way in helping to improve your skin’s elasticity and bounce. Make sure to apply serum to clean skin prior to using moisturiser. When choosing a serum, opt for a product that contains Hyaluronic Acid—a naturally occuring, hydrating substance within the skin that slowly declines as we age.


Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally in human tissue, at both the epidermal and dermal levels. In the epidermis, it ensures proper hydration, boosts circulation and encourages cell renewal. In the dermis, it inflates the extracellular matrix, acting as a binding agent between elastin and collagen fibres. Hyaluronic Acid helps the body to synthesise these two molecules, giving the skin a plump, smooth appearance. As we get older, the synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid is diminished and of poorer quality. To make up for this, opt for plumping skin care products that are packed with this ingredient, such as serums, moisturisers and face masks. We love the Revitalift Filler 1.5% Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum, which blends two forms of pure Hyaluronic Acid to rehydrate and smooth skin, fill wrinkles from within and retain the skin’s own moisture. Apply it every day to your face and neck, and say hello to youthful, plump skin!


Scientists have found Retinol to be beneficial in increasing cell turnover on the skin, improving the appearance of wrinkles and increasing the skin’s firmness. Retinol can help increase the production of collagen that has declined and counteract the cause of fine lines and wrinkles. We love the new Revitalift Laser Pure Retinol Night Serum, which is our most potent, ultra stabilised, highest concentration of Pure Retinol. It’s proven to correct and fight all wrinkles, even deep ones, age spots and uneven skin texture—all whilst renewing skin overnight. Apply it on your face, neck and chest as part of your nightly skin care routine.


Did you know the face has more than 50 muscles? As spectacular as this is, these muscles will unfortunately lose their tone with age. Just like lifting weights at the gym can strengthen major muscle groups, there are exercises that can be incorporated into your day to help tone the muscles in your face. These facial workouts can boost circulation of blood and water to encourage the natural synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid (a hydrating heavyweight that reduces the appearance of fine lines) as well as toning the muscles for plumper looking skin. It might sound silly, but we promise it works!

Try moving your mouth and face to make particular sounds:

  • Look at the ceiling whilst saying, “Ahhh.”
  • Pucker your lips together and blow a long kiss.
  • Stretch your smile by saying, “Eeee.”
  • Stare hard and say, “Ohhh.”
  • Put on your best frown and exaggeratedly say, “Youuu.”

Do these exercises five times in front of a mirror, holding each position for five seconds.


Facial massaging tools, such as a face roller, have been a long-term tradition in some eastern counties for restoring youth and volume to the skin. Regular use of a massaging tool can help lift and tone sagging skin, reduce fine lines and restore definition to the face. Facial massage can also improve oxygenation to the skin, which in turn improves collagen production. Bonus: They’re also extremely relaxing and are great for relieving tension headaches. If tools aren’t really your thing, then your own hands can work wonders!

When applying moisturiser or oil, gently knead your jawline and mid-section of your face with your knuckles to massage the product in, boosting circulation and encouraging blood flow in the process. Direct your movements towards the perimeter of your face to shift any puffiness away from the center. Sweep up between your brows with your middle finger, and then under the eyes. Ensure you use very soft pressure under the eyes as the skin is delicate. Repeat the movement a few times before moving on.

Position your thumbs under your cheekbones, and smooth up along the ridge towards your temples. To reduce jaw puffiness, do sweeping movements with your palm down the neck to promote lymphatic drainage. Whether with a tool, or your hands, avoid doing a facial massage when you skin is dry, to prevent any unnecessary tugging and pulling on your skin.

By following these plumping skin care tips, you’ll be well on your way to a more youthful, voluminous complexion. We’ve talked quite a bit about the use of facial serums, so head on over to our Serum Guide to see which product will work best for you.