3 Tips for Power Statement Make Up

Just like a powersuit, the right slick of lipstick or eyeliner can give you the extra push you need to nail an interview and make a great first impression.
Channeling confidence gets a lot easier when you know you've got your game-face on. Enter the makeup tricks that’ll help you look powerful and poised with minimal fuss.

A statement lip
At once sensuous and stylish, a bold red lip can elevate a simple outfit into a fashion statement an instant. We love Color Riche Matte; because it’s infused with omega 3 and vitamin E. A gorgeous, nourished pout = one less thing to worry about on that long to-do list.

A bold brow
The fast route to a perfectly polished look? Neatly groomed brows. Use Brow Artist Micro Tattoo to quickly and easily fill in sparse spots and add depth. The microblade-inspired tip produces hair-like strokes for a natural effect. The 24-hour wear means no need for touch-ups.

A glowing complexion
Nothing says well-rested, fully functioning adult quite like radiant skin. If yours is looking less-than fresh, dot a little Bonjour Nudista Skin Tint onto your skin, blend and voila! Luminous glow to go.
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