3 Easy Hairstyles To Try This Summer

Hot days, balmy nights… Sweating it out with heated styling tools? No thanks. Look chic all summer – sans tools - with these three easy styles.

Messy Top Knot 

Start by spraying on
hair spray, working it in to create volume and body. Gather your hair into a high pony. Loop the elastic twice, but on the last loop when pulling your hair through, only pull your hair through half way.

Take small sections of the left out ends, twist, wrap around your bun and secure with bobby pins. Continue to do this until all the ends have been secured.

Finish with hair spray over the bun for extra hold and shine.

The Effortless Chic Pony

Start by spraying hair spray through your hair and brush through for volume with flexible hold. Brush hair back into a low pony and secure with a clear elastic.

Next, take a small section of your pony and loosely wrap around the elastic until you get to the end and fasten. Finish by teasing your pony with a thin toothed comb to give more texture.


Loose Beach Waves

Spray hair mist on to wet hair, focusing on the middle to ends rather than roots. Part and separate your hair into two section, create two loose braids on each section.

Once dry, take out your braids, lightly separate with your fingers and spray your Stylista Beach Wave Mist, again focusing on the lengths of your hair. Finish off the look by scrunching your hair in an upwards motion.


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