Skin Genius - Online Skincare Analysis

Introducing Skin Genius: A skin test powered by AI, backed by dermatologists.

Our latest online skin analysis tool evaluates skin ageing through your phone or computer camera to deliver tailor-made skincare routines. Based on over 30 years of data and developed on clinical atlases with 10,000 images of women, this skin analysis has a 95% match rate with skin experts’ diagnostics, so you can rest assured that you’re getting an accurate assessment. Getting your own expert skincare routine has never been easier. Take our skincare analysis and see for yourself.



What is Skin Genius Analysis?

Whether you have mature skin or looking to reduce the first signs of ageing, Skin Genius provides an on-the-spot expert skincare analysis, and provides you with a personalised skincare routine!

Supported by a high-tech program, developed using a database of 10,000 facial images, taken by real dermatologists and experts. This paired with over 20 years of skin research at L'Oréal Paris, allows for a 95% grading accuracy on your personal skincare analysis to educate and understand your personal skin routine. This skin test will define results within 5 dimensions and track against an expert 10-grade scale.

Get Your Skincare Analysis Online with Skin Genius

Skin Genius analyses 5 key skin attributes.

1 Skin Even Tone

Lines & Wrinkles


We analyse the severity of 5 different lines, wrinkles, and folds that start to form as you age:

1. Forehead lines
2. Labellar (frown lines)
3. Periorbital (around your eyes)
4. Nasolabial fold (smile lines)
5. Marionette lines (corner of your mouth

2 Skin Radiance



We examine how light reflects on your cheeks—where radiance is most visible—and usually  affected by dehydrated skin, wrinkles, enlarged pores, redness, and visible spots.

3 Skin Pore Quality



We examine the strength of your skin elasticity in two areas where skin usually starts loosening with age:

1. Upper cheeks (nasolabial fold)
2. Lower contours (lower ptosis).

4 Skin Firmness

Pore Quality


We look for the presence of enlarged pores on each side of your nose, which can originate from oily skin, dry areas, blackheads or sagging skin.

5 Skin Wrinkle Resolience

Even Tone


We look at skin uniformity by analysing natural pigmentation, like freckles, and detecting discoloration on your cheeks—the area most exposed to environmental damage and brown spots.

Get Your Skincare Analysis Online with Skin Genius

How To Do Skin Analysis Online?


1. Remove any makeup, take off glasses and tie back hair. Having an unobstructed face is key to the most accurate results.
2. Take a photo in a space that is well-lit, with natural light. Dark lighting may affect the virtual age of your skin.
3. Have a neutral facial expression.
What is Face Mapping Skin Analysis?

Face mapping skin analysis identifies your skin type and skin needs by examining the facial area and breaking it down into zones. The analysis looks at the presence of skin conditions on the face such as pore congestion, acne breakouts, dehydrated skin, and/or hyperpigmentation

Why is Skin Analysis Important?

Skin analysis aims to provide expert advice on how to better your skin health by addressing skin concern. Firstly, the skin test analyses your current skin condition(s) and helps you understand the different causes and types. Next, a personalised skincare routine will be recommended to fix each of the skin concerns detected.