Elvive hair care by L’Oréal Paris restores and nourishes damaged hair by applying hydrating ingredients and bringing shine back to your hair. With formulas designed to revive all forms of hair damage while providing a deep clean, Elvive hair products can treat dullness, brassiness or dry ends and protect your lengths. Our Elvive formulas contain antioxidants, UV filters, concentrated proteins, colour neutralizers, and flower oils to protect and replenish your hair’s vibrant, lustrous shine.

Elvive Colour Protect uses antioxidants to restore vibrancy up to 60 days, with added UV protection. By applying the product range in tandem, the brass-neutralising shampoo and conditioner keeps bleached hair from fading into yellow or orange tones. For intense hydration, our Hyaluron Plump range has Hyaluronic Acid for long-lasting hydration up to 72 hours. Use our Hair Care Diagnosis tool to find your best Elvive products.