How to: Care for your skin in Winter

How to:

Care for your skin in Winter

Things we love about winter: coats, warm & hearty foods, mulled wine.
Things we don’t love about winter: dry skin and chapped lips.
Winter can be a beautiful time of the year, however with the constant exposure to the cold air, wind and artificial heating, our skin can really suffer and lose its moisture. Having a dependable winter skincare routine can help you keep your skin looking radiant and hydrated.
First off, drink plenty of water. It might sound like an obvious one but drinking lots of water throughout the day is essential when it comes to maintaining your skin’s hydration, aiming for eight glasses per day. Have your trusty water bottle within reach throughout the day, and even pop a water tracker note on your desk to remind you to how much water you should have had every 90 minutes.
Make a habit of treating yourself to a weekly scrub and mask. Whether it’s a weeknight or you block out your Sunday nights for a scrub, mask and bath, exfoliating away the dry skin and nourishing your skin will do wonders for your complexion. Our Nourishing Sugar Scrub is formulated soften and smooth away any dryness, and our Pure Clay Detoxifying Mask with Charcoal will detoxify and brighten without drying out your skin.
Our lips need love in winter too. To combat the elements, keep an Infallible Sexy Balm within close reach. They’re packed with a tonne of moisture to keep your lips feeling soft and smooth for up to 12 hours.

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