Q&A Mousse absolue

Q&A Mousse absolue

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Can I use Mousse Absolue if have grey hair? Yes, Mousse Absolue is designed to give up to 70% grey coverage however, very bright shades with intense reflects for example reds, deliver less coverage. Do I need to do an Allergy Alert Test before using Mousse Absolue? You must perform an Allergy Alert Test 48 hours before each use of Mousse Absolue, as an allergy can develop suddenly, even though you have previously used a hair colourant of this or any other brand. Always read the instruction leaflet and for further information go to What do the Mousse Absolue shade numbers mean? Mousse Absolue shades can be labelled with up to three different numbers representing the hair colour that is achievable. The first number in the sequence represents the base colour and will be between 1 (black) to 10 (very light blonde). The second/ third numbers in the sequence represent the primary and secondary reflect. Please see reflects chart below: 6 Red 5 Mahogany 4 Copper 3 Gold 2 Irridescent/ mauve ash 1 Blue ash For example, a 1021 represents a cool very light blonde and a 556 represents a warm burgundy red. Where can I find the Mousse Absolue product instructions? The product safety instructions are located inside the Mousse Absolue box. You can also download the PDF instruction leaflet for Mousse Absolue by clicking HERE. If I am going to use Mousse Absolue, when is the best time for me to shampoo my hair? Mousse Absolue has been developed to be applied to dry hair, therefore you should not shampoo immediately before using Mousse Absolue You should not shampoo immediately before using Mousse Absolue because this will remove the natural oils that protect your scalp during the colouring process. How can I avoid orange/golden tones when using Mousse Absolue? If you are lightening your hair, the process of lightening will bring out the natural warm undertones. The darker your hair, the warmer the tones are likely to be, therefore, you should select a suitable shade level with an ash reflect to counteract unwanted warmth See ‘What do the Mousse Absolue shade numbers mean?’ above. Can I still colour my hair using Mousse Absolue even though I've got dry hair? Yes, you can still colour your hair using Mousse Absolue. Remember to use the HiShine conditioner after colouring to keep hair feeling soft and nourished. How long should I rinse my hair for after using Mousse Absolue? There is no set time for this process but we recommend you drymassage your hair first, then add a little water and massage again. Rinse until the water runs clear. Should I use shampoo to rinse out the Mousse Absolue colourant? When you rinse your hair, the Mousse Absolue colour will act as a shampoo so there is no need to use extra shampoo. However, we recommend you use the hishine conditioner after rinsing, once the water runs clear, to help lock in the multitonal flawless colour. Why is the bottom of my hair darker/lighter than the top? This effect may occur if you do not perform regular touchup applications. Mousse Absolue’s reusable system provides a solution to this as it not only allows you to apply colourant all over the hair but it also allows you to touch up your roots or even target stray greys whenever you desire, helping you avoid this colour build up. Follow the instruction leaflet for application tips. Which Mousse Absolue shade will work best on my hair? We recommend using a shade that is 12 levels darker or lighter than your natural hair colour in order to achieve maximum performance from this product. If your hair is coloured it is important to remember that colour cannot lift colour. Please see question: “Can I use Mousse Absolue if I have different colours in my hair” Can I still use Mousse Absolue if only my roots need colouring? Mousse Absolue’s reusable system allows you to touch up your roots. The reusable system means that you can then keep the remainder of the pack and touchup your hair whenever you desire. Follow the instruction leaflet for timings and application techniques. How often should I colour my hair at home? There are many different factors involved when deciding how frequently to colour your hair. However, we recommend that it should be done every 46 weeks. Can pregnant women use Mousse Absolue? Mousse Absolue can be used when pregnant. If you have further questions, we advise you ask your GP or midwife. Can I use my own conditioner instead of the hishine conditioner in the Mousse Absolue pack? We recommend you use the hishine conditioner that comes with Mousse Absolue because it has been developed specifically for use with the product to help create softness and shine. How long can I keep Mousse Absolue after using it? Mousse Absolue with a unique two chamber system, has no limit of period after opening.

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