Hair Colour at home

Hair Colour at home

Get the most out of your home hair colour. Discover our top tips for during and after colouring your hair at home.

During Colouring Unplug the phone. Take an hour just for you! Wear an old tshirt that you don't mind getting streaks on. Protect the floor in case the product splatters and use a dark towel. If you have long hair consider buying two boxes of hair colour to ensure you don't run out part way through During application, cover your scalp with a generous amount of the product and massage it to help it penetrate through your hair. 5 minutes before the end of leaving the colour to develop, massage it once more and add a little water to prepare it for rinsing. After Colouring After you have finished rinsing your hair, wash it once more with cold water. If you have any small streaks of the product on your face, wipe away with cotton wool and a make up remover. To maintain and prolong your new hair colour, use products designed specifically for coloured hair, such as Elvive Colour Protect.

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