How to Avoid the Fade of Age

How to Avoid the Fade of Age

Here are some top tips and inspiration to help you rejuvenate and enhance your natural look and say goodbye to the stereotypes of ageing.

Today’s mature woman sees no reason to take a back seat in life. We are not abandoning our jobs or social lives any more than we are losing interest in clothes and holidays. We want our faces to reflect how we feel inside. We don’t want to look pale and drained, and we’re looking for naturallooking ways to help rejuvenate our hair, restore the look and feel of dry and thinning skin, and bring back colour, contrast and radiance to our faces. Thankfully help is at hand. Demand from the new breed of older professionally active women led by icons such as Helen Mirren, 69, has led others to want to learn the same ways to transform their looks. This worldwide revolution in the expectations of older women is gaining momentum. We all want to create an individual selfconfidence, and with it the sense of wellbeing known by the French as ‘being comfortable in your skin.’ Many women have already enjoyed a huge confidence boost from the discovery of an exciting new way to overcome the fade of age, whether it is using new knowledge about the use of lightreflecting minerals in cosmetics, or advances in understanding of the skinenriching properties of plants. Here are some of our suggestions to help you make the same discoveries for yourself. How to get Radiant Skin How to get Brighter Eyes How to add A Touch of Colour to your Lips How to Take the Grey out of your Grey

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