A Foundation for the nation

A Foundation for the nation

Read what real women had to say about True Match.

"Perfect skin, without a flaw, its natural beauty which I adore." Barbara S, Darlington "It's really hard to find my exact skintone so it's really exciting to discover it at an affordable price range with a complimenting blush and concealer!" Shraiya T, Edinburgh "It boosts my confidence." Kendra F, Middlesbrough "I love the way it blends perfectly with my natural skin tone and how it makes my skin looks perfect everytime I walk out of the door." Charlotte N, Skipton "It's me my skintone, just better!" Judith S, Wakefield "A foundation that is truly tailored to me." Marta P, Oldbury "My skin feels very soft, beautiful and perfectly blended in with my natural look." Gulbahar B, London "Because my skin never looked better with any other foundation." Anna K, Reading "I loved that it felt good on my skin, it covered my flaws and it was the correct colour for my skin." Adilah A, Luton "Flawless, beautiful and has never failed me." Hannah R, London "Because it matches well and lasts all day long. I have no time for touch ups with 2 very young children!" Beverley G, SouthendonSea "Affordable price but amazing quality." Laura A, London "Because it looks like I'm wearing no make up, makes my skin look smooth." Holly H, Winchester "It is so flawless! It matches my skin tone perfectly, and stays on all day! It gives my skin a healthy glow and I love this foundation!" Lisa R, Aldershot "I have bad pigmentation and this evens out my skin tone." Elizabeth L, Newport "Gives a natural look." Carol R, Bristol "It's the first foundation I feel confident that it matches my skin." Michelle B, Poole "Because it looks fab on and is easy to apply with great coverage." Kristie F, Southhampton "I love True Match Because it makes my skin look natural and dewy." Laura S, Belfast

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