Infallible Infallible Matte Priming Base

Infallible Matte Priming Base is a mattifying, smoothing gel that minimises pores, imperfections & shine. Perfectly smooth velvety texture.

The Infallible Priming Base instantly transforms the skin, resulting in a perfectly smooth and velvety texture. Your foundation glides on seamlessly and makeup results are improved. With a subtle cooling effect, it prepares the skin by minimising imperfections, pores and shine.
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LOral Paris Infallible Compact Powder Foundation 123 Warm Vanilla7
Use Infallible Priming Base before applying foundation to minimise pores and shine. Use everyday and as a result your foundation glides on seamlessly, looks flawless and lasts longer
G788299 Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone Crosspolymer. (F.I.L. B169012/1)
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