Infallible Infallible Matte Priming Base

Infallible Matte Priming Base is a mattifying, smoothing gel that minimises pores, imperfections & shine. Perfectly smooth velvety texture.

The Infallible Priming Base instantly transforms the skin, resulting in a perfectly smooth and velvety texture. Your foundation glides on seamlessly and makeup results are improved. With a subtle cooling effect, it prepares the skin by minimising imperfections, pores and shine.
LOral Paris Infallible Compact Powder Foundation 123 Warm Vanilla7
Use Infallible Priming Base before applying foundation to minimise pores and shine. Use everyday and as a result your foundation glides on seamlessly, looks flawless and lasts longer
G788299 Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone Crosspolymer. (F.I.L. B169012/1)
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