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The Big Do's & Don'ts when Exfoliating

Exfoliating might seem like a simple concept for some: remove dead skin cells and get clear skin, however there are a few pretty important do’s and don'ts that can be the make or break when it comes to getting the most out of your face scrub.

Easily the most important rule to start of with! When searching for the right scrub for you, take a minute to really think about your skin type.

Blackhead troubles?
If you’re prone to blackheads you’ll want a scrub thatwill purify your pores from any excess oil or dirt that may have built up throughout the day. Sugar Scrubs Purifying Scrub contains Kiwi Seeds to exfoliate the skin and visibly reduce blackheads. The purifying formula also contains Peppermint Essential Oil and Lemongrass Essential Oil which soothes skin and help reduces blemishes.

Dry skin?
Sugar Scrubs Nourishing Scrub contains Cocoa Butter and coconut oil, rich in fatty acids to soothe dryness, remove dead skin cells and soften skin.

Dull skin?
Sugar Scrubs Glow Scrub contains Grapeseed Oil, enriched with Vitamin E to illuminate dull, tired skin. It also contains Acai Powder to refine your skin’s texture for a visibly smoother finish.

Most of us are lead to believe that we should exfoliate at night to rid our skin of the day’s dirt and grime. The truth is however, that it’s the morning that will give us the best results with our scrub, as skin renews itself overnight, making the morning the perfect time to scrub away.

There’s no denying that our face feels incredible after a good face scrub, which can lead to us wanting our skin to feel as good every single day, however this is a big no no. Most face scrubs are recommended to be used up to three times a week for maximum results. Even if you're oily and have the urge for an extra cleansing boost, over-exfoliating can be too harsh and counter-productive for the skin.

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