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The Makeup Trends To Try In 2019

The Makeup Trends To Try In 2019

A new year calls for fresh, new makeup looks. We look ahead to next year's beauty trends to keep you ahead of the game.

1. Love Heart Eyes

Ready to commit wholeheartedly to a colour and apply pink all-over? Grab your Cherry My Cheri Eyeshadow Palette and wash a rosy hue across eyes, lips and cheeks - it will keep you bang on trend with barely any effort. 

2. Illegally Long Lashes

Forget big lips, now it's time for eyes to be in the spotlight! And bigger is better this season so look for mascaras with added fibres - proven to actually lengthen your natural lashes by millimetres! 

3. Vibrant Colours

Bright solid colours are one of the most exciting trends to come off the runways this season. Out-there shades are great for nails, eyes and even lips for a fabulous statement look. Ready to experiment? Bright pops of electric colour on eyelids are perfect for the party season. Think rich, metallic hues like our Infallible Eye Paint.

4. Liquid Highlighter

The highlighter trend isn't going anywhere, but it's certainly getting a face-lift! Liquid highlighter will be your must-have product in 2019 for a gloriously dewy complexion. Luckily, we've got you covered with our Glow Mon Amour Glow Drops! You can even add to your moisturiser or foundation for that natural looking glow.

5. Stay-Put Formulas 

Summertime means fun in the sun, as well as extra sweat and oil production. To keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the day, choose a stay-put foundation, which will also help maintain your skin moisture balance. Infallible 24HR Foundation will do exactly as it says, keeping you well-covered all summer long.

6. Technicolor Strands

Move over ombre, the latest hair trend seen on the catwalk is bold colour streaks. Think Marie Antoinette meets punk rock chic. If you only want those streaks to last the weekend, try Colorista Hair Makeup and wash out in seconds! Try combining Hair Makeup Hot Pink and Metallic Blue for a perfect summer festival look.

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Trends & Tutorial

Top 7 Beauty Resolutions (That You Will Actually Keep) Top 7 Beauty Resolutions (That You Will Actually Keep)
Top 7 Beauty Resolutions (That You Will Actually Keep)
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Top 7 Beauty Resolutions
(That You Will Actually Keep)

Are you fed up with spots, match-thin brows, fine lines or dry skin? New Year is the time to make some beauty resolutions that really make a difference – and these ones are easy-peasy to keep! Here’s to a more beautiful 2019 *champagne clink*

Invest in a quality under-eye concealer
Opt for a concealer that will even out your skin tone plus give you a natural glow. True Match Concealer camouflages dark circles for a flawless complexion.

Always wash off make-up before bed
It’s tempting to hit the sack without washing off your make-up but this can clog pores, resulting in unsightly blemishes come morning. Stash some Age Perfect Cleansing Wipes in your bedside drawer - a 30-second swipe across your face and you'll be off to sleep.

Put down the tweezers
We like big brows and we cannot lie! Tidy strays with a brush and to give your natural shape extra definition, fill gaps with a precise eyebrow pencil, such as Brow Artist Xpert.

Find the correct foundation for your skin
A perfectly matched foundation is the key to a flawless base. Consider your skin tone and whether you have oily, dry or combination skin and you’ll be ready for an endless list of make-up looks. Click here to find your perfect shade  

Wash hair less often
Over-washing not only strips the hair of its natural oils, it can also send your scalp’s sebaceous glands into overdrive, causing even more oil to be produced. Instead, use a dry shampoo between washes.

Start using an eye cream
The area around your eyes is the first place to show signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. Gently apply a pea-size amount of Revitalift Filler Eye Cream on the under-eye area before bed for a fresh, well-rested look in the morning.

Use intense home hair treatments weekly
Between salon visits, give yourself a luxe home treatment once a week to hydrate, repair and prevent damage until your next appointment. Elvive Extraordinary Oil Coconut Hair Mask helps to tame flyaways while hydrating and nourishing from root to tip.

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How To: Sweat Proof Your Summer Makeup How To: Sweat Proof Your Summer Makeup
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Trends: 6 Makeup Trends to Try in 2019 Trends: 6 Makeup Trends to Try in 2019
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How To: French Girl Beauty How To: French Girl Beauty
How To: French Girl Beauty
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How To:
French Girl Beauty

French girl style is shrouded in mystique. You can’t quite put your finger on it. It’s timeless yet trendy, effortless yet glamorous. Recreate that je ne sais quoi Parisian aesthetic with these three simple beauty tips.

Fake it til you make it
It’s a rumour that French women don’t wear foundation. Many don’t leave home without it, they just pretend it’s all natural. First lesson in French style is making your look seem accidental by keeping your base dewy and lightweight. Infallible Pro Glow or Age Perfect Foundation both work beautifully.

Messy hair
Try brushing your tresses before bed for extra va-va-voom as soon as you wake up. Then add some carefully organised chaos with Stylista Beach Wave Mist for a laissez-faire windswept hairstyle with texture and extra volume.

Lipstick as blush
A red lip is essential. It’s the ultimate symbol of femininity in France. To make sure your lipstick doesn't budge, apply Infallible Lip Liner as a base. Colour Riche in 234 Satin Brick is a bold, classic colour to apply on top.

For an authentic ‘French Kiss’ look, smooth lipstick on quickly so the edges are slightly blurred. Afterwards, dab gently with your fingertips for a muted look and apply that leftover lippie to the apples of your cheeks. Et voila! Just remember not to tell anyone your secrets.

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Boost Your Skincare Routine:  How to Pure Clay Mask in 5 Easy Steps Boost Your Skincare Routine:  How to Pure Clay Mask in 5 Easy Steps
Boost Your Skincare Routine: How to Pure Clay Mask in 5 Easy Steps
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Skin Care

Boost Your Skincare Routine:
How to Pure Clay Mask in 5 Easy Steps

Want a smooth and hydrated complexion? By adding a weekly clay mask to your skincare routine It helps to cleanse and add moisture without leaving an oily residue. Here's how it's done!

Step One: Cleanse Your Skin

Thoroughly cleanse skin to remove any build-up of dirt, oils or makeup. This allows the mask to penetrate deep into your pores and really work its magic.

Step Two: Apply An Even Layer

Use clean fingers or a brush to apply a thin, even layer. Less is more with a clay mask- a thick layer takes longer to dry and any product that doesn’t touch your skin is a waste!

Step Three: Sit Back & Relax

Sit back and relax for 10-15 minutes while your mask gets to work. Why not go all-out on your pamper session and use this time to apply a hair mask or paint your nails?

Step Four: Rinse & Pat Dry

Once your mask has set and dried, wet a clean face washer with lukewarm water and rub away the clay in small, circular motions. Repeat until all mask is removed. Next, reach for a clean towel and lightly pat your skin until dry.

Step Five: Moisturise

Once you’ve rinsed and dried, your skin will be feeling ahhh-mazingly soft and rejuvenated! Follow up with a lightweight moisturiser to lock in the goodness.

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