High Shine Lips Are Back

High Shine Lips Are Back

Lover of a matte lip? You might want to look away, because it’s about to get wet, with high shine becoming the trend on everyone’s lips.

Stemming from the resurgence of lip gloss that hit our feeds and fashion runways last year, the wet-look love has now spread to tinted lip oils and high gloss, lacquered lipsticks, with our new Colour Riche Shine collection arriving just in time for us to turn on the shine for spring/summer.

So to get our pouts ready, we’re sharing three tips on how to get the most out of your new Colour Riche Shine shades.

Prep your pout with a lip scrub.
Hydrated and exfoliated lips can make or break your lipstick application. We recommend L’Oréal Paris Sugar Scrubs. You can also easily make your own scrub at home by combining coconut oil, brown sugar and a touch of honey together then use small circular motions to rub the mixture onto you lips and leave for 1-2 minutes for maximum hydration before wiping clean.

Don’t skip the lip liner.
If you want more defined lips and longer lasting wear, you should never skip the lip liner. To apply, start by parting your lips slightly and apply lip liner liner using small, short strokes. Try to follow your natural lip shape for a more natural look, or draw on the outer lip line for a more fuller lip. Once drawn, use your pinky finger to lightly blend the liner onto your lips to avoid seeing any harsh lines under your lipstick.
TIP: Our Colour Riche Lip Liner pairs perfectly with the Colour Riche Shine collection.

Use a fine makeup brush to apply.
A lot of us sadly don’t have a naturally steady hand and applying lipstick straight from the bullet can be often daunting. To ensure you get the ultimate precision, use a fine makeup brush to apply, then have your lipstick close by throughout the day for any tiny touch ups.

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Casting Creme Gloss Q And A Casting Creme Gloss Q And A
Casting Creme Gloss Q And A
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Hair Colour

Casting Creme Gloss
Q And A

See the answers to questions that the public have asked to help alleviate your first time colouring fears.

Is this product applied to wet or dry hair? 
To use this product, wet your hair without washing it and towel dry thoroughly. 

Do I shampoo when removing this colour?
No, to remove we advise you add a little lukewarm water and massage thoroughly into the hair. Thoroughly rinse until the water runs clear and apply a generous amount of the shine enhancing conditioner with royal jelly. 

Can you use Casting Crème Gloss on previously coloured hair? 
Yes you can. 

How often can I use this product? 
We recommend leaving at least 6 weeks in between colour applications. On your next application you should follow Method 2 for previously coloured hair. 

I want to radically change my hair colour, can I use Casting Crème Gloss? 
Casting Crème Gloss is designed to enhance natural hair colour rather than to dramatically lighten or darken your hair. If the colour applied is darker than your natural hair colour, new growth at the root will appear more pronounced. 

How long does this colour last? 
Casting Crème Gloss will gradually fade from your hair. However, results can vary depending on your hair history and condition. 

Does it contain ammonia? 
Casting Crème Gloss does not contain ammonia. 

I have just permed my hair, when can I apply Casting Creme Gloss? 
We recommend you wait at least two weeks after using a relaxer, a perm or a straightening process on the hair before applying Casting Crème Gloss. We advise you perform a strand test before colouring your hair as perms and relaxers can leave hair more porous. Porous hair can cause colour to be absorbed faster.

I have long hair, how many boxes of Casting Crème Gloss will I need?
If your hair is below shoulder length or very thick, you may need two boxes to ensure even application.

What is the development time of Casting Crème Gloss?
Always follow the instruction leaflet. The development time for each shade is explained here. Casting Crème Gloss has a development time of 20 minutes. If you require extra coverage of grey hairs add an extra 5 minutes. Start timing as soon as you've finished applying the colour.

If you are refreshing your existing colour or if your hair has been coloured less than 3 months ago, apply to your roots and leave for 15 minutes. Then apply the remaining mixture through the lengths, massage in and leave to develop for a further 5 minutes. 

How do I protect my colour from fading? 
We recommend you should use Elvive Colour Protect shampoo and conditioner, which is formulated to specifically meet the needs of colour treated hair.

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Paris Fashion Week Six trends MUA Paris Fashion Week Six trends MUA
Paris Fashion Week Six trends MUA's loved
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Paris Fashion Week
Six trends MUA's loved

Ever doing your makeup and get hit by déjà vu? We all have an autopilot routine (especially after snoozing the alarm one time too many). But adding some artistry keeps it way more fresh.

Lucky for us, we’ve got an injection of inspo straight from Paris Fashion Week. The city of love and the coolest chicks, was the perfect destination for us to host the week’s most inclusive catwalk. Floating on the river Seine, the runway was open for anyone to watch. We didn’t stop breaking rules there though. Here’s the 6 hottest ‘Parisienne’ makeup trends from the show, created by global makeup director, Val Garland.

Think bright eyeshadows, lots of colour. Shake up your lipstick and make it lip art. Be daring. Your makeup brushes aren't different to a painter's.

It's all about blushing pink, of course. Pat gently onto the apples of your cheeks, but then go a bit more wild. Brush up onto the temples for this season’s twist on no-makeup-makeup.

With a very French dose of irony, magnify your lashes. Add another coat. Then another. This is all about an over-the-top, almost spidery style.

It wouldn’t be a 2018 catwalk without a bit of grit. Go edgy, with a two-tone palette for the lip.

Time for some lip service. Red, for that quintessential, elegant look. Keep the face pared back for maximum impact.

If you’re not feeling empowered, you’re not doing it right. Dewy, glowing skin meets the darkest, berry stained lips.

CURRENT OBSESSION Duckie Thot joins the L’Oréal Paris Amabssador Family CURRENT OBSESSION Duckie Thot joins the L’Oréal Paris Amabssador Family
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SKINCARE SECRETS Want to improve your skin appearance? SKINCARE SECRETS Want to improve your skin appearance?
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Three Beauty Trends to Embrace for Spring Racing Three Beauty Trends to Embrace for Spring Racing
Three Beauty Trends to Embrace for Spring Racing
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Three Beauty Trends to Embrace for Spring Racing

Spring Racing Carnival is the perfect excuse to experiment with bold new colours, prints, headwear and of course, makeup.

Cherry Hued Eye.
If you’re heading to Derby Day, a coloured eye is perfect to pair with a monochrome outfit. Add colour with a ripe peach or warm burgundy from the limited edition Cherry My Cheri palette. Best of all it smells like berries - YUM!

A Nude Lip.
Who said spring had to be all bright pinks and pastels? It's always a perfect occassion for a nude lip. The L’Oreal Paris Infallible 2-Step Longwear Lipstick has a nude for you and will ensure you have the perfect pout that lasts all day. Let your eyes be the front runner and pair with a sharp eyeliner.

Blush Draping.
The Spring Racing Carnival is the perfect time to try to the latest contouring trend - blush draping. This under-the-radar makeup technique uses blush to sculpt and contour cheekbones.
Start with a blush one shade darker than your usual and apply below the apples of your cheeks, using an angled brush to sweep the powder horizontally along your cheekbones, up towards your temples. Lightly apply a lighter shade of blush over the darker blush to soften any harsh edges.

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