Half reducing CO2 challenge

By 2030,
100% of the plastic we use will be recycled and recyclable.
100% of our glass jars will be lightened, using recycled glass.
100% of our carboard boxes will be sourced from sustainable forests.
100% of our biobased ingredients will be sustainably sourced.
100% of our factories will be carbon neutral.

L’Oréal products that lead the way

Because the planet is worth it

Revitalift Skincare

“I am lighter to make the planet better.”
The weight of our Revitalift Fragrance Free glass jar has been reduced by 20%. By 2030, 100% of our glass jars will be lightened


Elvive Dream lengths cream

“I help you taking care of your hair without water”
The last 3 cm of your hair isn’t the only thing we’re helping to save. And to make it longer, our high performing dream Lengths formula doesn't need to be rinsed. A good new for the water footprint. (restez focus sur le rinçage)


Elvive Dream lenght shampoos

« I am 100% recycled »
Since 2020, the iconic L’Oréal Paris hair care range, Elvive, has undertaken a major transformation by targeting 100% recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) for shampoo and conditioner bottles in Europe


Skin Paradise

“I am produced in a carbon neutral factory.
” We have integrated 25% recycled PET plastic in the tube of Skin Paradise, saving around 40 tons of virgin plastic per year.